Sunday, June 21, 2009

What A Father Does

This is the most recent picture I have of my Daddy. It was taken a couple of months ago, and he was doing what he loves best - eating! And it's one of his favorite meals, too - my mama's homemade biscuits and gravy, sausage, cheese, jelly, etc. He's never had any use for cameras, and hates having his picture made, so I have precious few pictures of him. I guess I got my preference for being behind the camera from him! I got a lot of my other 'ways' from him, too.

Today, at almost 79 years old, Daddy is a mere shadow of his younger, healthier self. These days his heart is working at about fifteen percent (15%) of a healthy heart; his vascular system is deteriorated and extremely fragile, he has diabetes and he will NOT control it with diet, and his kidneys are functioning at about twenty five percent (25%) on a good day. He has suffered several heart attacks, a stroke, prostate cancer, had a triple bypass, an aortic bypass, and multiple stints and bypasses of other arteries. But he keeps on kicking!

His two younger sisters, who are thirteen and fifteen years younger than him, call him the energizer bunny because he just keeps on going. His doctors call him a 'living legend', which is just a kind way of saying he shouldn't still be alive, and they don't know what to do with him any more! I say it's just because he is stubborn and strong willed and determined. That's what has kept him with us this long!

My dad has not lived a perfect life. He has made plenty of mistakes and bad choices, and is living with many of them still today. If I chose, I could tell you tales of how he disciplined us with a belt and even a stick. But I choose not to remember those times today. What I choose to remember today is that even though he didn't always show it outwardly, he always loved me - despite my imperfections! And that's what Fathers are supposed to do, love their children. A father loving his children is one of the greatest examples a man can set for future generations.

My daddy has no concept of computers or the internet, and he will never read these words, but I think he knows how I feel about him. I love him. Pure and simple, but then he set that example, didn't he!

Have a blessed Father's Day, friends! Becky

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Tara said...

I sure hope your dad enjoyed another Father's day! I know how you have struggled with his health lately, and how you have taken care of him, I know he knows you love him even if he doesn't read this!