Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Estate Auction - finally!

Last Saturday - day of the estate auction - dawned sunny and hot! I was excited, so I left earlier than I needed to, thinking I might find a yard sale or two to check out. I found one, and it was a bust, so I ran by my parents house for a few minutes. I promised my mom I would take her to run a couple of errands later, so I knew I couldn't stay too long at the sale.

When I got there, after parking out in the cow pasture, I found the desk and got my number and headed out to look over the goodies. Before I'd gotten started good, I heard my name being called - I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was anyway.

You see, when I got out of school, I didn't hang around my home town. I worked in 'Atlanta', I had apartments in 'Atlanta', I married and lived in Norcross and now my current home well north of 'Atlanta'. I live 25 miles from my home community where my parents still live. As a matter of fact, their 59th anniversary is this month and they still live in the same house they built and moved into when they got married.

So, although I've been 'around', it still seemed strange to have someone calling my name. It was Peggy - a lady I'd known all my life, she married the older brother of one of my high school friends, and in fact if I remember correctly, she was my Sunday School teacher once - or maybe it was MYF (now UMYF), but that was lifetimes ago! But I chatted with Peggy and her sisters until the auction began.

They started with pots and pans, tupperware, lamps and moved on to the big furniture. The box lots of linens (what I really wanted) were set back and I could tell it would be ages before they got to them. Besides, at noon they were going to go inside and sell the really big furniture, appliances and then out back to sell the car and tractor. I couldn't wait that long because I'd promised my mother I'd be back.

So as the items sold - quickly- that auctioneer (Jeff Dobson and Associates, Jasper, GA) knew his stuff and he and his team moved those items fast. I bid on a few things, but had a budget, and they all went out of my budget. I knew my time was running out, because I didn't want to stay for the stuff from the house or the car and tractor. Finally, out came this . . .

I love benches! I love anything that is practical, utilitarian, actually USED for something. And I'll just bet that Horace built this bench for Florence years ago. It isn't in great shape, but I loved it, so I waited. A couple of people bid, then the bidding slowed, so I jumped in. (By the way, I just love bidding at auctions - it makes you feel so empowered!)

And I got it! For a whole $20, that bench is mine, and will soon be sitting on my tiny back porch to be used for sitting, foot propping and probably a place for a magazine and a cup of coffee. I want to make a couple of cushions for it, too. But first I need to clean said tiny porch from top to bottom! After vacation.

Anyway, I think it's lovely, and I can't wait to get 'her' settled into her hew home.

I especially love the old paint - gives her character, doesn't it!

So, that's my purchase from the estate auction. I hope Florence would be proud that I bought something of hers and will enjoy using it and remembering her. I know I'm happy I got to go and get a treasure.

I came by the old house on Wednesday, and they were putting up a for sale sign. That house has been there as long as I can remember. I even hit their mailbox once when I was in my early driving days and made it crooked. I sure hope whoever buys the Clark's farm will honor it's heritage.

Thanks for visiting today! Blessings, Becky


Anonymous said...

I love the bench and the paint is great. So happy you have something to treasure and actually use. I can just see your magazines and a cup of coffee on that bench now! Enjoy your trip.

LissyLou said...

So glad you got something - and what a great something it is. I love benches too x

English Cottage in Georgia said...

What a great bench...AND very sturdy looking. Can't wait to see how you place it on your porch!

debbie said...

Dear Becky,
What an awesome story. I shed a few tears as I remembered when they auctioned off Grandmother and granddad's was very sad to me and all the other family I'm sure...
I'm glad you bought the will really enjoy it.
be sure and show us a photograph when you finish the cushions