Monday, August 13, 2012

Yearly Update ... What's Happening Now


Hi Folks!  Just wanted to stop by and say hello and let you know what's been going on since I last posted ... almost a year ago! 

This year (2012) has been an interesting year!  On April 14th we got home from a week camping in Savannah, GA.  On April 18th my 81 (now 82) year old Mama was climbing up into a chair to get a bowl out of one of her upper cabinets.  She slipped, fell back and hit her head on the refrigerator, and broke her neck!  After 5 days in the hospital, 15 days in rehab, a month with us, and then another month of so of part time here and part time at her home, she is now doing great, free of the collar she had to wear for 13 weeks, and pretty much back to normal except that she DID learn a lesson and is more cautious about how she moves about her home.  She is such a trooper, and I am so proud of her!

Hubby is doing well after losing a bit of weight and working hard to get more exercise.  He works very hard, and has found that walking is his therapy.  He was also such a trooper during the time my Mama was here with us ... it wasn't always easy, but he handled things very well.  Because of the time when I couldn't go away because of Mama's injury, we had to stay close to home and not take a late spring trip.  So, we are very excited that we will be spending two weeks (2) camping at the beach later on this year.

I am doing very well.  I am still obsessed with paper crafting ... it is my joy, my therapy and my sanity!  While Mama was staying with us I moved my 'studio' into our dining room so that I could be close by, and I got a lot of crafting done!  I still make cards, but am also totally addicted to making mini albums.

I am now on the Design Team at my LSS (independently owned 'local scrapbooking store'), Altered Angel in Alpharetta, GA.  I have made so many sweet friends down there, and spend most every Saturday (and weekdays whenever I can) down there crafting with whoever shows up to play.  I make projects (cards, mini albums, etc.) to put on display in the store.  I have been so touched (and pleased) to have people come in the store on Saturday just so they can see the person who made the pretty albums!  I am learning a lot from the other girls who come there to craft as well.

I am also on the Creative Team at The Kraft Journal, a challenge blog for an online retailer called Kraft Outlet.  I have participated in their challenges for almost as long as they have had them, and am now very happy to be a part of their team.  I make one project per week, either for the challenge or for a tutorial showing how to do something like making felt flowers or a mini album from 1 sheet of 8 1/2 x 11" kraft card stock.

I have applied for a couple of other teams, both manufacturers.  That is my goal ... to be a designer for a product manufacturer!  And in case you didn't hear, I had a card accepted for publication this past January.   That was a goal accomplished and a dream come true.

Life isn't perfect, but it is good!  I am still trying to look for the good, and not allow the drama lovers and joy stealers to take up residence in my life or my head.  At a ripe old 60 years of age, life is too short to let other people steal my joy!

So, if anyone happens to stop by and read this, I wish you joy, peace, and lots of love!  Becky