Saturday, October 30, 2010

My New Endeavor(s)

Hi Folks! Wow, things have been busy around here. and I'm not really used to this kind of busy! First up was the designing and publishing of the new blog Aprons Across America with two of my 'online' friends this past Monday. I did all the setup work, but now that the blog is up and running, Teresa and Lori and I will be equally sharing the posting of recipes. The three of us, as well as our 'honorary' members all met through an online recipe swap forum several years ago, and have kept in touch ever since. The 'forum' changed, and we decided we wanted a way to share recipes with each other, and all our family and friends, so the blog was born. Please be sure to check it out when you have a chance!

Then on Wednesday I had to take Mama to see her Opthalmologist for the 2 week follow up after her cataract surgeries. She is doing very well, and we don't go back until after Thanksgiving, when they will give her a new permanent prescription for reading glasses.

And then on Thursday I started my newest endeavor . . . a new part time job! I am now employed by Georgia Mountain Candles and More in a small town about 15 minutes or so from here. I will not have any regular hours, only work when the owner, Tina, needs me to fill in for her. She also has a part time 'whenever they need her' job, so when she fills in on her other job, I'll fill in for her at the store.  The candles there are so remarkable!  Tina makes all the candles herself, and the scents are soooooooo good!  If you aren't familiar with soy based candles, here are a few good things about them:
  • They are made from American grown soy beans
  • They burn cooler, and slower, so they last much longer
  • The wax will wash out of clothing, tablecloths, etc. with soap and water, and my favorite part . . . 
  • The wax makes an incredible moisturizer!!!  Seriously, just take 2-4 drops of the melted wax and rub it into your hands and they will stay soft and smooth for a long time, and two good points about using them as a moisturizer are that it doesn't wash out immediately, so it is great if you are in water a lot, and it is not parrafin based, so it doesn't build up on your skin.
The store is also full of home decor items and handmade crafts on consignment, plus new ladies accessories like purses and jewelry as well.  You can go right to the store's website by clicking on the link above or on the picture in the right hand column.  So, I've worked two days now, and although business was kind of slow, I feel like I've 'found my feet' and could better handle a busier day now. 

While things were quiet I sat in the doorway with my crocheting basket, making cotton dish cloths.  I have several of them up for sale in my Etsy shop, and will have even more on there soon.  If you are interested, you can click on my Etsy shop window to the right, or the link above.

So, as you can see, things have been busy, but a good busy!  I am so thankful for my new opportunities and my friends, online and here at home.  I am blessed, and I wish you many blessings as well, Becky


Monday, October 25, 2010

Aprons Across America

Just a quick post to let you know that some friends and I recently started a food/recipe blog and would love for you to visit us at Aprons Across America!  The very first recipe is up today, and we will be featuring new recipes each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

There are five members - three active and two honorary - who all met on an online recipe swap forum a few years ago, and have kept in touch ever since.  Please pay us a visit, and let us know what you think. 

Thanks friends, Becky 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wonderful Weather, The Hunter, the Pest, and the Hunted!


Earlier this afternoon I took my camera outside to take pics of a card for next week's Unscripted Sketches challenge.  The sunshine was so warm that I just wanted to lay down on the grass and take a nap.  Well, I did lay down for a few seconds, but didn't want to give the neighbors cause for alarm, so I got right back up.  Anyway, when I came back inside the dogs (in the fenced back yard) were carrying on a conversation with the other dogs in the neighborhood, so I went out to ask them to stop.

When I got out on the porch,  I realized that I was not the only one enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine.  The Girls were taking great advantage of the sunshine as well!  Laying in the sun, but ever watchful of . . . the holes!

Now, I have to give you a bit of background here.  When we first moved into this house, 7 years ago now, there was no evidence of chipmunks.  But within the last year or two, they have moved in, and with a vengeance.  (Side note:  chipmunks are also known as 'ground squirrels', but anyone who has ever seen an Alvin and the chipmunks cartoon knows what I'm talking about!)

The Hunted!

When I was a child we had pet chipmunks that we kept in a cage, and they were great fun, but as a homeowner, they are destructive and a nuisance.  But Bailey has taken it upon herself to keep a close watch on the critters and try to keep them out of our yard.  The fact that they have tunnels that go from inside our yard to outside the fence into neighbor's yards doesn't affect her, nosiree!  She is on a mission!

The Ever Watchful Huntress!

But that's where the pest comes in, and no, the pest isn't a chipmunk, it's Bailey's sister, Bessie!  While they are of the same breed, that's about all that is the same about those two.  Bailey is 100% Doxie through and through, and a determined hunter and digger.  Bessie is like Ferdinand the bull who goes through life sniffing the daisies and getting into everyone's way . . . especially Bailey's!

Bessie, the pest!

When Bailey gets wind of a chipper in the yard she goes for it, and that's when Bessie tries to play with her, or love on her, or just keep her from her appointed duties.  It's so much fun to watch!!!  So, while I am sure they will never catch a critter unless it is sick or gets trapped some way in the yard, I love that Bailey tries her best, even though she is hampered at every turn my her 'unique' sister.  (And no, they aren't blood sisters, but they were adopted into the same family!)

Blessings friends!!!  Becky

 Bailey, the hunter!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy Week, a vent, and Do You Remember . . .


Hi Folks! Sorry I haven't posted anything this week, but my mother was with us from Sunday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon because of her first cataract surgery on Monday. And we will repeat the same schedule next week so she can have the second cataract surgery. It's hard to get away and create with her here, because she wants to know where I am and what I'm doing every minute, and if I'm not doing what she thinks I should be doing, she tries to do it herself - which makes me crazy! I mean, I'm 58 y/o and yet she still treats me like I'm 8!!!   So sorry for the vent, but I just had to get it out!  :o)

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to ask you . . .

"Do You Remember This?" . . .

Well, the secret is out, and you can find out all about this project, and see pictures of the finished product on my crafting blog . . . Camellia Cottage Designs.  There is also more info there about Unscripted Sketches 'Breast Cancer Awareness' Blog Hop, and some cool prizes you can win if you care to join in on the blog hop!

Blessings, Friends!  Becky


Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Fall, Y'all!!!

Hi Folks!  I've been doing a bit of cleaning and spiffing up around my house the last few days.  It's going to be a busy weekend (The Ellijay, Georgia Apple Festival on Saturday with my friend Phyllis, and kayaking on Lake Rabun on Sunday) and then on the way  home from kayaking we'll go by and pick up my mother and bring her home with us.  She is having her first cataract surgery on Monday, and has to start drops in her eyes on Sunday night, so we thought it would work better if she just came home with us and we go straight to the surgery center from here on Monday. 

Anyway, I've been spiffing up the place a bit, and had absolutely zero intentions of doing any fall decorating until I saw this . . .

What is it about a freshly polished dining room table that calls out for something pretty? 

Now, if you were reading my blog last year, I told you about my lack of understanding all about the halloween thing.  I just don't get it!  And that post went over like a lead balloon, with a resounding thud of silence.

But if you want to talk about celebrating the harvest; acknowledging God's bountiful blessings and celebrating that, or just celebrating the beauty of this 'golden' season . . . well, I'm all over that one!  But for decorations, I want things that highlight the positive things about fall.  Last year I had just lost my Dad and had been sick, and I just didn't do much at all.  The year before that, I did a little, but couldn't find some of my favorite decorations - now where did they go???  Then, after Christmas, when I was putting away the tons of decorations up in the attic, I found a bin that I 'thought' held old fake pine garlands, but instead held my favorite fall decorations.  Hooray! 

So yesterday I climbed up into the attic (yes, all by myself - shhhhh!  don't tell hubby, that's a no-no!) and brought down my big blue bin full of fall decorations.  The ceramic pumpkins, pierced metal and beaded pumpkins, too.  My turkey salt and pepper shakers, along with the little boy and girl pilgrim salt and pepper shakers.  There were a oouple of silk flower arrangements, and wood things, too.

I really wanted to use my hand blown cloche, so I pulled out a vintage cake plate, put the ceramic pumpkins under the dome, and tied a copper ribbon with some wooden leaves onto the knob.  Then I placed the treasured salt and pepper shakers on either side.  My table was done!

Then I took a big basket with some pine cones left from last year, and added a cornucopia silk flower arrangement and a sign I painted a few years ago.  That went on the hearth in front of the fireplace!  Those are some of the prettiest pine cones I've ever seen!  We picked them up at a WMA area south of Savannah last year.  We hope to go back and get more of them this year when we go at the end of November.

On the left side of the fireplace I placed the punched metal pumpkins . . .

and to the right side went Mr. Crowe . . .

and a stuffed pumpkin.  

And that's as far as I got!  I was decorating as I cleaned, and my vacuum stopped sucking dirt, so I didn't get finished!  And here I sit, talking to you instead of taking my vacuum apart to see why it won't suck up the stuff it's supposed to suck up!

I'll try to share the remaining 2-3 pics with you AFTER I get the cleaning and decorating finished, but right now . . . well, right now I'm off to take my vacuum cleaner apart!  Wish me luck!  Blessings, Becky


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bouquet of Friendship

Hi Folks!  Just a quick post to direct your attention to my other BLOG where you can find more info about this lovely . . .

. . . wall hanging that I recently made.  Normally I would post my fabric crafts here on Hearth and Home, but am trying to move all crafting/creative posts to my Camellia Cottage Designs blog.  I'd love you to visit me over there!  Thanks, Becky

Monday, October 4, 2010

Purple Palooza III

This past Saturday I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a local community festival called "Purple Palooza III".  I learned about it through Stick it 2 Cancer on facebook, met the lady in charge, Cathy Cathey (and yes, that's her real name!) at a Farmgirls meeting, and told her I was interested in having a booth to sell my vintage and hand made treasures.  When she told me the fee was $100 I declined, saying I just couldn't afford to pay that much, not knowing if I would make it back.  She said "Becky, I understand.  This economy it bad, and people just don't have the extra money.  I will waive the fee for you.  We are sisters after all!"  (She meant sisters in the 'universal, non-related' way).  So because of her kindness, I was able to have my booth.

Purple Palooza was started by Cathy's employers Medica Forsyth, a medical imaging practice, as an attempt to give back to their community.  This year, the beneficiaries of the festival were Stick It 2 Cancer, and through them, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Georgia.  Stick it 2 Cancer was founded by John and Tori Westmoreland after John was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  All at one time, they were trying to grow their business, raise money for cancer research, AND fight lymphoma.  They are an incredible family, so please go read their story by following the link above.

The festival was so great!  There were @ 80 booths - many of them doctors or medical services, and many of those doing health screenings.  There was a food court with BBQ, subs, ice cream and much more.  There were moonwalks and other 'inflated' activities for kids, a petting zoo, pony rides, face painting, and a very popular cake walk!  There was also live entertainment!  A trash can drum band from a local high school, a children's group, a barber shop choir, and even more that I can't remember.  There were lots of people, but no one was buying vintage and handmade!  After expenses I cleared about $45 - about 1/3 of what I've done at other shows.  It was just a different clientele, and that's okay.  I did sell 3 aprons, the old suitcase, an altered journal, a postcard, and a vintage flour sifter.

Before I go, I wanted to share a picture of my new sign that I made for this sale.  I was really {REALLY} proud of how it turned out!

I used a 6" x 24" board, scrapbooking papers and embellishments, ball fringe and tulle for the hanger.  Gotta love that Cricut!!!  I also made a name tag for myself that matched the label on the left hand end of the sign, but had a lavender and white checked bow on the bottom.

Well, that was my trip to Purple Palooza.  Even though I doubt she'll read this, I would really like to thank Cathy Cathey for this opportunity, and the whole Westmoreland family for what they are doing to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.  You folks all ROCK!!!  Now, please enjoy the slide show of pics from my booth and the festival.  Hope to be back soon, Becky