Saturday, October 30, 2010

My New Endeavor(s)

Hi Folks! Wow, things have been busy around here. and I'm not really used to this kind of busy! First up was the designing and publishing of the new blog Aprons Across America with two of my 'online' friends this past Monday. I did all the setup work, but now that the blog is up and running, Teresa and Lori and I will be equally sharing the posting of recipes. The three of us, as well as our 'honorary' members all met through an online recipe swap forum several years ago, and have kept in touch ever since. The 'forum' changed, and we decided we wanted a way to share recipes with each other, and all our family and friends, so the blog was born. Please be sure to check it out when you have a chance!

Then on Wednesday I had to take Mama to see her Opthalmologist for the 2 week follow up after her cataract surgeries. She is doing very well, and we don't go back until after Thanksgiving, when they will give her a new permanent prescription for reading glasses.

And then on Thursday I started my newest endeavor . . . a new part time job! I am now employed by Georgia Mountain Candles and More in a small town about 15 minutes or so from here. I will not have any regular hours, only work when the owner, Tina, needs me to fill in for her. She also has a part time 'whenever they need her' job, so when she fills in on her other job, I'll fill in for her at the store.  The candles there are so remarkable!  Tina makes all the candles herself, and the scents are soooooooo good!  If you aren't familiar with soy based candles, here are a few good things about them:
  • They are made from American grown soy beans
  • They burn cooler, and slower, so they last much longer
  • The wax will wash out of clothing, tablecloths, etc. with soap and water, and my favorite part . . . 
  • The wax makes an incredible moisturizer!!!  Seriously, just take 2-4 drops of the melted wax and rub it into your hands and they will stay soft and smooth for a long time, and two good points about using them as a moisturizer are that it doesn't wash out immediately, so it is great if you are in water a lot, and it is not parrafin based, so it doesn't build up on your skin.
The store is also full of home decor items and handmade crafts on consignment, plus new ladies accessories like purses and jewelry as well.  You can go right to the store's website by clicking on the link above or on the picture in the right hand column.  So, I've worked two days now, and although business was kind of slow, I feel like I've 'found my feet' and could better handle a busier day now. 

While things were quiet I sat in the doorway with my crocheting basket, making cotton dish cloths.  I have several of them up for sale in my Etsy shop, and will have even more on there soon.  If you are interested, you can click on my Etsy shop window to the right, or the link above.

So, as you can see, things have been busy, but a good busy!  I am so thankful for my new opportunities and my friends, online and here at home.  I am blessed, and I wish you many blessings as well, Becky


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K-Sue said...

Sounds like a job right up your alley! Best wishes in all your new endeavors.