Monday, October 4, 2010

Purple Palooza III

This past Saturday I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a local community festival called "Purple Palooza III".  I learned about it through Stick it 2 Cancer on facebook, met the lady in charge, Cathy Cathey (and yes, that's her real name!) at a Farmgirls meeting, and told her I was interested in having a booth to sell my vintage and hand made treasures.  When she told me the fee was $100 I declined, saying I just couldn't afford to pay that much, not knowing if I would make it back.  She said "Becky, I understand.  This economy it bad, and people just don't have the extra money.  I will waive the fee for you.  We are sisters after all!"  (She meant sisters in the 'universal, non-related' way).  So because of her kindness, I was able to have my booth.

Purple Palooza was started by Cathy's employers Medica Forsyth, a medical imaging practice, as an attempt to give back to their community.  This year, the beneficiaries of the festival were Stick It 2 Cancer, and through them, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Georgia.  Stick it 2 Cancer was founded by John and Tori Westmoreland after John was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  All at one time, they were trying to grow their business, raise money for cancer research, AND fight lymphoma.  They are an incredible family, so please go read their story by following the link above.

The festival was so great!  There were @ 80 booths - many of them doctors or medical services, and many of those doing health screenings.  There was a food court with BBQ, subs, ice cream and much more.  There were moonwalks and other 'inflated' activities for kids, a petting zoo, pony rides, face painting, and a very popular cake walk!  There was also live entertainment!  A trash can drum band from a local high school, a children's group, a barber shop choir, and even more that I can't remember.  There were lots of people, but no one was buying vintage and handmade!  After expenses I cleared about $45 - about 1/3 of what I've done at other shows.  It was just a different clientele, and that's okay.  I did sell 3 aprons, the old suitcase, an altered journal, a postcard, and a vintage flour sifter.

Before I go, I wanted to share a picture of my new sign that I made for this sale.  I was really {REALLY} proud of how it turned out!

I used a 6" x 24" board, scrapbooking papers and embellishments, ball fringe and tulle for the hanger.  Gotta love that Cricut!!!  I also made a name tag for myself that matched the label on the left hand end of the sign, but had a lavender and white checked bow on the bottom.

Well, that was my trip to Purple Palooza.  Even though I doubt she'll read this, I would really like to thank Cathy Cathey for this opportunity, and the whole Westmoreland family for what they are doing to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.  You folks all ROCK!!!  Now, please enjoy the slide show of pics from my booth and the festival.  Hope to be back soon, Becky



Florence said...

Looks like you had a great day for your sale, sorry the profit wasn't like you wanted. Today's economy is a funny thing these days. Florence

K-Sue said...

I LOVE your sign! It is so pretty, and reflects your design style perfectly..