Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks!

When we go camping, one of our favorite activities is playing games. We normally play Uno, SkipBo, Triple Yahtzee, or Dominoes, and we play to see who the 'champion of the week' will be for this trip.

While I won more games overall than my hubby did this time, I think we both were the champions for this trip - we were both winners. You see, we 'taught ourselves' how to play chess! Well, we didn't totally teach ourselves, we did have some help in the form of this game that my husband bought a few months ago . . .

No Stress Chess by Winning Moves is a great way to learn to play chess! It comes with a chess board, all the pieces, and a set of cards that teach you what each piece can and cannot do. The instructions are simple, and easy to read, as you can see hubby doing here . . .

The board is two sided, and on one side it shows where each piece goes, and how the pawns can be moved either one or two spaces forward.

There are cards for each piece, and it tells exactly what each piece can or cannot do in play. You begin playing with the cards, each player drawing one card per move. We only used the cards three times, then checked back with them a few times to clarify points. But they made the learning curve very easy!

There is one extra card, and it tells you that you can move either of the two cards used last. It just adds a little something extra to the game.

And before long you totally give up the cards, and move to phase two. Within 3-4 games we were playing according to the phase two instructions, and we are about ready to move to the final, real world rules. And we only started playing last Friday!!! And in only 5 days!

And another amazing thing - and you won't believe this one! My husband, who works long hard hours in front of two large computer monitors, and comes home every night so exhausted and 'brain dead' that all he wants to do is sleep on the couch, well, the last two nights he's wanted to play chess after dinner. That is amazing, and I'm so happy that he's found something he likes well enough to perk up and spend a little while talking and laughing instead of going to our separate TV's until bedtime.
So, thank you, Winning Moves for coming up with a great way for dummies like us, to learn to play a game we always thought was too hard. We love you for it!
{Note: You can find No Stress Chess HERE at Amazon.com}

Have a wonderful day, friends!!! Becky

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K-Sue said...

I may have to check this out. I sorta learned Chess 2-3 DECADES ago, but dd not follow up enough to ever really play.