Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tasty Thursday - Rain Delay and Catching Up

Hi there! Tasty Thursday's not delayed by rain, although it is rainy here today (yippee!), but because I didn't have anything prepared, and I wanted to share with you what we're having for dinner tonight. So, you'll get Tasty Thursday later on this evening.

I know I've not been around in a few days, well, I've been around, but just haven't done a post On Monday we had a doctors appointment with my dad, so I was gone a big part of the day, then Tuesday I did laundry ALL day, and I didn't really think you wanted to hear about that, now did you? And yesterday was my Mama's 'first of the month shop-a-thon' and I took her to eight places! It was a long day, and I did a little shopping at K-Mart (paint in 'hosta leaf green' and periwinkle for some upcoming projects I'll tell you about later) and WalMart (fun stuff like deodorant and dog food), so I had to put those things away when I got home. I also spent a long time outside watering recently planted plants that were getting wilty because of no rain in a while.

So, while I haven't posted, I've been here, and working on a few things for upcoming posts, including our Tasty Thursday dinner tonight. Check back later to see what it's all about. And I'll give you a couple of hints: 1)slow cooker, and 2)one pot meal.

See you later, Becky

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Faye said...

Sounds so good!It has rained here all day long!Glad you are back! Blessings, Faye