Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tasty Thursday - Sweet Slices of Summer - Part One!

Sometimes the best things are also the easiest! That's especially true about summertime desserts. My hubby and I just love fresh, in season fruits. Right now peaches and watermelons are the best, and we've already eaten at least four watermelons this year. They are just so good, and kept cold in the fridge, are a great evening treat instead of some heavier desserts.

Here's what we had tonight . . .

Doesn't it look delicious? Icy cold and so sweet and juicy!

Do you see anything that looks out of place in this next picture???

Here, look a little closer . . .

Yes, that is a salt shaker you see there with the watermelon. I don't know about other parts of the world, but here in the southern US, a bit of salt on watermelon just makes the flavor POP! It's not enough to make it salty, just enough to bring out the sweetness of the melon. For years, people have debated over using salt on watermelon - or not - and rarely do they change their opinions. But, I actually converted my husband long ago. He didn't want to be converted, but I made him taste it, and he was sold!

Here's hubby digging into his share . . . see that salt shaker right beside him???


But hubby and I aren't the only members of this household who just L*O*V*E watermelon. Take a look at these two girls whose mouths are watering . . .

Aren't they waiting so patiently? Here's Bailey Sue, watching every move I make.

She keeps licking her lips, like she can taste it , but this is the best pic I could get of that tongue darting out so fast.

But finally, success - she got her first bite. Yummmmmmmmmm!

I only give them two or three bites each, but it's funny to watch them wait, and then take their bites from my fingers. And their 'styles' are so different. Bessie Mae just grabs hers and runs, and often tries to take part of a finger with it! But Bailey Sue is delicate and dainty, and she'll take just the tiniest bit of one corner and pull it until I let it go. Then she practically swallows it whole!

Sweet treats and desserts don't have to be rich and sticky and sweet. As I said above,, sometimes the best things are also the easiest! Why not enjoy an ice cold slice of watermelon soon!

Blessings friends! Becky


Anonymous said...

We had our first melon last week. One of the best we've tasted in years. Your babies are so cute waiting patiently for a bite! Adorable.
Sugar Pike has the BEST chili cheese burgers! We were apprehensive the first time we stopped but after we saw a picnic table full of sheriffs eating on the porch, we knew we had stumbled on a goldmine!

Tara said...

sounds wonderful Becky!! I meant to tell you, on my bloglines where all of my blogs are listed that I read, yours for some reason comes up with the last post you did from March, and then I would try clicking on the link you used when you left me a comment and it would do the same thing, Don't know how i got it to work today, but didn't want you to think I didn't come and visit, cause I like coming over her to here what you are up to!! Anyway, sorry so long, had to explain...or maybe it is lack of caffiene and I am crazy now! HA!

Rue said...

Hi Becky :)

I've been bringing more fruit into the house too! Now I'm suddenly craving watermelon ;)

Cute furry babies!! :)