Friday, June 12, 2009

Floral Friday - A Few Bloomers

My yard is in a kind of slump right now. The early bloomers are faded and/or gone, and the brighter, bigger bloomers of summer aren't quite ready yet, so it's kind of boring. Today's tour is just a few of my favorite bloomers right now, and a few promises of things to come. Enjoy!

The windy thunderstorm got my pink hibiscus today - sure hope it perks back up.

Here are some buds on the burgundy hibiscus. Coming along nicely!

The sunflower bloom is just getting bigger and bigger!

See that tiny yellow squash? Can't wait to have some fried up with sweet vidalia onions!

The poker plant is just about to open up.

The phlox is almost opening - just a few more days!

The heuchera 'peach melba' is blooming now.

Don't you love the orange zinnias??? So shockingly pretty!

Pretty blue hydrangea.

Scorcher heatwave salvia.

Althea 'Zebrina'

Hard at work bumblebee.

Coming in for a landing . . . . .

Pretty daylily.

Love this dahlia!

Don't ask me how I got this shot! Maybe it's the raindrops still on the leaves?

Black and blue salvia.

Look at the bees on that lavender! They love it as much as I do!

The blooms on a white beauty berry - the berries are actually white when mature!

Well, that's the tour of my garden for this Friday! Hope you've enjoyed it, come back next week! Becky


Anonymous said...

I did love all your blooms! Hope you enjoy the weekend. Is this the day for your estate sale? If so, good luck!

K-Sue said...

These are all beautiful. Funny, without meaning to, I wrote a "Non-floral Friday" post.