Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Update

Just a quickie tonight. Nothing major going on except my dad . . . . . IS IN A NON-CRITICAL CARE ROOM!!! PTL - we finally got him in a room. He is weaned from all drips, still has the catheter, however. For those of you who know about such things, it's a 'foley'? Anyway that will probably go home with him and we'll have to take him to the urologists office to have it removed. He's not happy that he didn't come home, but my mom and I are glad - he needs to walk around some more and make sure he's able to care for himself some before he goes home.

The hospital was PACKED today - they actually had 6 people in ER waiting for rooms AND my dad and a few others in CCU waiting for rooms. I rode my trikke around the parking lot a while again today, and there were no empty parking spots to be found.

So, I'm really tired, going to bed now. Will let you know more tomorrow. Thanks again for the prayers and such. Many blessings, a tired Becky

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Sue said...


I am so happy for your dad, your mom and you! Yahoo! My mom had to have a catheter for a while a couple of years ago. Her urologist said it could be a good thing as it gives the bladder a chance to rest and heal. (Hope that is not too indelicate and too much info.) Anyway, I will keep you in my prayers and keep sending positive thoughts your way. Take good care of yourself--don't let yourself get rundown.