Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Long Day!

Yesterday was another long day. We ended up having to take my dad back to the ER because he was trying (at 3 AM) to put his jeans on over the large 'overnight' bag for the catheter and pulled it out part way. He was bleeding around the catheter, but not in his urine, and the catheter was still working. They checked him out (after 4+ hours of waiting!) and sent him home telling him to go see the urologist on Monday. By the time I got them home and settled, went over the instructions with them and drove the 35 - 40 minutes home, it was after 9 pm before I got home. I was so tired!

But I had a night of exhausted sleep and feel better this morning. Unless there is an emergency I shouldn't have to go back until Monday. My aunt is going today to check on them and take my mom to the store if she needs to go. She's also bringing my dad some sweat pants so he can get them on and off easier than jeans.

This morning I'm going through coupons and getting ready to go to Kroger on a major shopping trip! They have a 'case' sale and I want to get canned veggies, tomato sauce and cheese to stock up on. I also got another great bunch of coupons from them, including one for $12.00 off a single order of $120.00 in groceries. I'll try to do another grocery post once I've been and see how much I save on this trip!

I've also still got to post about my freezer stocking that I started just before my dad got sick, and have yet to finish. I still need to go to the Tyson company store and buy chicken breasts, and am waiting for Kroger to have their boneless pork loins on sale so I can stock up on those as well. Oh, and finding someone who has White Lily flour and cornmeal mix on sale so I can stock up on that, too. I want to find a 25 lb. bag of rice for a good price, too.

Well, that's it for now. I need to call and check in on my parents, call a couple of dr's offices to get appointments and then get dressed and head for Kroger. Thanks once again for all of your wonderful advice and prayers for my family and myself. Each one is much appreciated more than you can know! Blessings, Becky

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English Cottage in Georgia said...

I am so impressed with your organization concerning shopping and stocking the pantry and freezer. I am taking notes...hopefully this is something contagious.
Continued prayers for your Dad and your endurance.