Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jog!

Well, he got his wish! My dad is at home now. He's weak as can be; just worn out, in fact! But he did get to go home today. Before we got to the hospital this morning he declined home health care or PT. The doctor told him if he wouldn't have hhc or pt for 2 weeks, he couldn't go home, so he broke down and agreed. He's also getting oxygen to have at night when he sleeps. He still has the 'foley' catheter, but I think it's pretty straightforward and they'll be able to handle it. HHC will check it out each time they come.

I see such a decline in his condition over the last few weeks. I just don't know how much stress and strain his worn out heart can take. It's a tough position to be in - loving your parent and wanting them here, but knowing they aren't really living, and trying to be ready to let them go when the time comes. I know he's in God's able and loving hands, and that's a peace-giving knowledge.

I'm exhausted, both physically and mentally. Being caregiver to elderly parents is the hardest job I've ever had. I have become (in many ways) their parent, but yet I'm the child they still see as much younger than I am, and thus unable to help them. Tomorrow I plan on sleeping late (8am maybe?) and be really lazy except for the phone calls I need to make to various doctors.

A day at home, alone, quiet, peaceful. Decompressing. Destressing. Please Lord, let it be so!

Blessings, Becky

(Sue, if you are interested, e-mail me, I'd love to thank you for your encouragement and support!)

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Tara said...

Yahoo! glad to hear it Becky~