Friday, September 25, 2009

Water . . .

After the last three to four dry, drought-ridden years, I'm really glad to see the rain . . . really I am ! But there comes a point when you begin to form mold in weird places from all the moisture, and it just gets yucky!

As most of you have probably been seeing in the media, many parts of northern Georgia have been flooded from all the rain - some areas had fifteen plus inches of rain within a 36 hour period. Almost a dozen people lost their lives. Hundreds lost their homes, and that doesn't even count the people whose homes survived, but are coated with muck and mud and will take much, much work to repair. They are calling this the '500 year flood', and believe me, I hope it's at least another 500 years before the area sees this kind of devastation again.

Luckily, we live in the 'foothills' of the Blue Ridge mountains, and most everything flows downhill from here, so we didn't have any problems at all. Just the wet, humid, all-pervading moisture from lots and lots of rain. Did I tell you my beloved Lake Lanier is almost (-3 feet) back to full pool??? At it's lowest point it was over 17 feet below full pool, so this rain has been a Godsend.

Anyway, we've had a few rain-free days, but they have been cloudy and muggy for the most part. I did get the camper straight, our bed made, and most everything packed in it and ready for our trip - tomorrow. Or at least that was the plan!

Did I tell you there is rain in the forecast? Yep, one to three inches tomorrow and tomorrow night with thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and evening. I know. I went HERE and did the hour by hour forecast for the next couple of days. Rain, and lots of it!

Have you ever tried to put a pop-up camper (aka tent trailer, folding trailer, etc.) up in torrential rains? I have, and trust me, it's NO FUN!!! Especially when you have two little doxies whining and barking their heads off wanting you to let them out of the truck. And let's not mention the fact I've still got some cough and mild sniffles from my case of the crud.

So, given all the info we have at our disposal concerning the rain, and given the fact that hubby really, really, really wants to watch the Georgia game (GO DAWGS!) from the comfort of his own recliner tomorrow night, we will be postponing our trip by one day. Sunday the forecast is for mostly sunny. And given the choice, spending a rainy, stormy night at home in my bed instead of in a soggy camper is a no brainer! We'll still have 7 nights up there in the mountains, cool, fall-ish, wonderful nights where rain is (so far) not a part of the forecast. Hallelujah!

Have a great weekend, folks! Becky

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Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

B, So good to hear from you & that all is well where you are! All that devastation is so heartbreaking!

So good to hear that you are still able to get away! I hope you guys have lots of fun & some quiet relaxation!! Goodness knows you sure deserve it!!

Prayers for a safe trip! Love & Blessings ~ Teresa