Monday, September 14, 2009


Okay, Okay, I know I said I wasn't going to post again for a few days, but I just had to share tonight with you!

The visitation was wonderful! It was just the kind of time Daddy would have loved - lots of people, lots of love, lots of hugging, lots of laughing and lots of reminiscing, and did I say lots of laughing! Oh, there were tears, but I'm shocked to say I had a really good time! I saw people I haven't seen in many years, and met people I've only heard about. I found out one of the girls who I grew up with - sang with in church when we were teens - isn't going to survive the cancer she's been fighting for a long time now, and will probably be joining Daddy soon. I got to see so many people, and hug so many that I thought I might never see again. Miss Lucy is 90, and isn't looking so well, but she wouldn't have missed coming tonight. There were so many! What a joyous celebration of Daddy's life!

But then, there were the incredible gifts of you friends! All the comments from Sue, Lissy Lou, Aimee, Linda, Betty (razorbackfan) and others. The beautiful e-card from Helga (I love Jacque Lawson cards!). I am so blessed to be a part of this blogging world!

And Fay - the plant is beautiful! Looks like a schefflera (sp?) but I'm not sure, and it's shiny and green and at least 3 - 3 1/2 feet tall. I'll bring it home and try not to kill it - It would look beautiful in the living room. Thank you so much! I love you friend!

Mildred - ah, Mildred! How wonderful that you got to know my Daddy! He loved selling those plants and sitting there talking to folks! I'm so glad you got to know him. The flowers are beautiful! A large basket just full of stocks, snapdragons, burgundy mums, lilies, even little ornamental peppers - just beautiful! Thank you! When you can, I want us to meet sometime! Maybe we can meet at Sugar Pike Junction for lunch some day!

Then we got home, and wow! My sweet friends Nancy and Jane - you girls are the best, and I love you, too! The mums are beautiful, and huge, and I cried when I saw them. We forgot to turn the front porch lights on before we left, and I think Wayne almost tripped over them as he went down to turn them on for Mama and me. The mums are the prettiest color of a dark rosy not pink, not burgundy color, and there are few that are fully opened, and dozens and dozens of them will be blooming over the next weeks. I've got the mums sitting in the front window by the door so I'll see them every time I come in and out, but one day I'll plant them in a special spot in my garden. I think I know just the spot, close to the driveway, but up front where everyone can see them.

There may have been others - I don't know - but I didn't get a chance to see all the flowers tonight. I was too busy hugging and laughing and being shocked at how much older everyone has gotten. All I know is this - I am one blessed woman, and so thankful for each and every one of you!

Thank you for your continued prayers. Tomorrow will be a long, emotional day, but after that we start learning to live without Daddy, without all the appointments, doctors, hospital rooms, worry, etc. On Wednesday hubby and I are putting Mama in the car and taking her riding up in the mountains. Just to get away and clear our heads. I'll probably take her home Thursday, and let her start living again. I think it will be harder for her than she realizes yet, but I'll be there to help her through.

It's late, I'm tired, talk to y'all in a day or two, Becky


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how God can use the love of friends to make even the saddest of times a celebration of life. Your Dad's visitation sounds so much like my Daddy's. As you say, there were tears but mostly a time of laughter and sweet memories. A time to see or hear from people that love you and love the Lord. When I think of how you and I met through blogging and share so many interests and then to find out that I actually had met your dad on several occasions, I am just amazed! God surely had a hand in us running across each others' paths! All of the flowers sound beautiful and I know they will bring you joy. A trip to the mountains with you and your husband will do your mama good. She's very blessed to have you to lean upon and you are blessed to have your husband's support. I know of all people, you understand that as much as I would love to be there today in person I cannot but you will be in my heart and prayers not only for today but through the coming weeks. It was always a joy to stop and chat with your daddy and now the plants we purchased from him are even more special because of my new blogging friendship with you! God bless Becky. Mildred

tara said...

oh becky I am so glad that you are feeling a sense of calm right now and that you enjoyed your time (as it sounds your daddy would have liked)...thank you for writing to tell us..stay strong...~

Jane said...

Dear Becky, I am wishing I could be there with you today. Know that my heart is with you. It has been such a privilege and blessing to know you, and I will be eternally grateful that you have shared this journey with us.
For putting your life and needs on hold and taking responsibility for the care of your Dad and Mom, WE THANK YOU FOR THAT.
For showing us your human side, frustration, anger, yet always acting in your parents’ best interest. WE THANK YOU FOR THAT.
For going solo, without help, yet persevering to see that your Dad’s final years were the best they could be. WE THANK YOU FOR THAT.
For sharing your sadness, personal, intimate, final conversations, reminding us that may have suppressed such memories due to an association with a painful time, just how precious a gift they are and should be embraced. WE THANK YOU FOR THAT.
For voicing your Christian values and faith, providing a role model for those that may be facing similar circumstances. WE THANK YOU FOR THAT.
Today as you honor the life of your Father, Know that your earthly father and your Heavenly Father are looking down smiling and I am sure they are both saying, WELL DONE, DAUGHTER, WELL DONE.

Ladybug in TN said...

Wow! I cannot follow what Jane wrote but to add, "Amen!"

Prayers of sincere believers were answered. The prayers for peace and comfort in knowing you did as Jane wrote will bless you throughout your days.

In His Love

aimee said...

i am so glad things went so well. tears and laughter is just how it should be. tears cause you miss him so and laughter cause you have fond memories of his life.

Sue said...

Dear Becky,

After Jane's eloquence, what can I say, except Amen? She is so right. It has been a gift to take this journey with you. Thank you for being so open and honest with your feelings. Now, just give yourself permission to take the time to heal. Your mom will need it too, as you know. You and your mom remain in my thoughts and prayers.



English Cottage in Georgia said...

Becky, I return to the blogging world once every two weeks or so. I am so sorry that I missed your ordeal and could have been among the many offering prayers. Maybe I was meant to miss this...I still have not cried over my own Dad's passing this past January.
You and your Mom are in my prayers as you both adjust to your Dad's absence.
I am so sorry you had to worry about your brother, we have such a crisis going on with my stepson. To have stress with grief is a very rocky road on which to walk.

K-Sue said...

Know you've been in my heart and prayers these last few days, even when I was away.