Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Listings and Let's Get Physical

As soon as I published this post, I got a phone call from my mother. Just this afternoon she can tell a big difference in my dad's condition, he isn't drinking as much, and can't get comfortable. She wants him to go back to the hospice house for his 5 days 'respite' care. She does not want to be there with him at home when he passes. Please pray for her and for my dad. I'll be going up there first thing tomorrow morning unless I need to go sooner. Thank you! Becky


Hi Folks! I decided to stay at home again today. I think Mama and Daddy were looking forward to a day at home alone, but with maybe a couple of visitors from time to time. And I needed another day. I’ll be back down there tomorrow for a while, though.

Since I stayed at home, I’ve added a few listings to my Etsy shop! I have some vintage cookbooks, cross stitch pattern books, new sachets and a set of vintage 1940’s navy uniform buttons. Be sure to pay me a visit!

Also, this was the first official weekend for our new Big Creek Greenway. I have been so VERY excited about this, and couldn’t wait to get my Trikke out there on the trail! So, we went this morning for a while. September 1st was the official opening of the greenway for phases 2 and 3, with phase 1 expected to be open later this year. Eventually - about 1 1/2 to 2 years from now - the greenway will end about 3 miles from our house (big smile here) but for now we have to drive to the temporary end that is about 7-8 miles from here.

The greenway is a 12 foot wide path with some sections of concrete and some of boardwalk. There are benches situated along the trail, along with trash cans and doggie poop stations. Hubby walked today and I took my Trikke. He probably walked about 2 to 2 1/2 miles and I Trikked about 4 miles or a little more. It's amazing how quickly you find out what horrible shape you are in! We plan to go back early tomorrow morning before I head back to my parents. I hope to do more distance next time.

Next picture - Big Creek.

The only problem I had with the trail wasn't with the trail at all, but with the people on it! People would stop across both lanes and chat, leave their bikes or strollers on the path and go walking on the grass, and in general block traffic. I learned in the first grade that you 1) keep right and 2) if you are stopped, pull over to one side! Let's keep it moving, folks! :o)

I had several people stop me and ask what kind of scooter that was, and where they could find them. I'm a huge fan of my Trikke, and love the full body exercise that I get when I ride it! And the best part - it's so much FUN!!! So when people ask, I'll talk about it all day long!

That's my Trikke in the next picture, off to the lefthand side.

So, that's it for today. Don't forget to visit my Etsy shop and see if there's anything you can't live without. Once again I appreciate the prayers of those of you who are lifting us up and/or putting us on your church's prayer list. Have a great Labor Day tomorrow! Becky


K-Sue said...

What a beautiful trail. I rode a Trikke once - it was wild! Our neighbor had one, and whenever he rode in the neighborhood, he had to stop and tell friends about it.

Fay said...

Becky, So glad you got a little time for yourself and a little rest. That looked like a real nice parkway. We are in the study of Psalms in Sunday School and yesterday it was Psalms 19 which was written by David. One of the things it suggested was to sing the hymn "Wonderful Words of Life" so I looked it up on the internet and made copies for everyone and it has some beautiful words to it.If you get a chance just listen to the words. Take care of yourself and stay strong. Fay

aimee said...

i wish we had something like that close to where i live. its so pretty. i agree with you. it is a no brainer to put your things off to the side so it is not in the way. hello people!
praying for your mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

Hello Becky,
From all of us at Trikke Tech, thanks for the pics of your new local trail. Those beautiful wood bridges look fun and smooth enough for all wheels to carve through. Let's get your husband on a T12 so he can keep up with you!
Prayers for your parents. I miss both of my parents and often think of them on trides (aka Trikke rides).
Carvé Diem - Matthew