Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update on Dad

Hi Folks! I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday, but when I got home last night I was just exhausted!

Daddy is now home and for the most part comfortable in his hospital bed in the living room. He's had a fair amount of company, and although it wears him out, he wouldn't have it any other way. Because I am once again exhausted, here are excerpts from an e-mail I sent to a couple of friends earlier:


I went and spent a big part of today with him while Mama went to get her hair done and buy groceries. His middle sister left today to go back to New Hampshire, so she came to see him, and a former neighbor and her son came, as did another former neighbor.

On the way there, I stopped at the Waffle House just up the road from them and ordered my breakfast and called Mama to see if she wanted something. She said yes, told me what she wanted, and we hung up. She then called me back. Daddy wanted to know if Janice was there, and if she was, he wanted her - no one else - to make him a sausage and egg sandwich. I talked to Janice and the waitress, and when they brought me the to go orders, they wouldn't let me pay - they had covered breakfast for all three of us.

When the second former neighbor came, I went out on the front porch so they could talk. They talked a minute and I heard him say "Well Larry, I need to know how you feel about God," and he went on to tell him what he believed and he and daddy talked a long time. I didn't listen - it wasn't my conversation to hear, but I know where Daddy stands in that respect. When he left, I hugged him and thanked him, and told him it took a mighty good friend to ask that question.

I firmly believe Daddy was seeing angels today. He would doze off, then open his eyes wide and look at the ceiling and mumble something and go back to sleep. I could never understand what he was saying except for an occasional 'uh-huh' or 'okay'.

When mama got home, I helped her a bit then came home. I always call her when I get into the subdivision to let her know I made it okay. Daddy answered. I told him who it was, and he said "I know!" And I told him to let Mama know I got home okay (she was in the garden) and he said okay. I said "I love you Daddy" and he said "I love you too. I enjoyed you here today, gal".

Somehow I feel that was the last time I will talk to him, and I lost it - totally. I sat in the car, crying and crying out to God and something made me look up, and I saw 3 hummingbirds fighting over a feeder on my porch. A sign of God's presence, pure and simple. So I lost it again. When I got out of the car, I waved to Wayne to come help me get some things out of the car and take them to the house, and I lost it again with him, and he held me while I cried.

So, here I sit, an emotional mess, but at peace because I know he won't be hurting any more once he's in heaven. Folks, if you don't know where you'll be spending eternity, please get it nailed down with God - He's waiting!

I'm going back up there tomorrow and take Daddy some watermelon and sit with him while Mama runs errands again. It's first of the month and she needs to pay a few bills and such. Her 85 year old sister takes her around town.

Thank you all once again for the prayers. You have no idea how much they are appreciated! Blessings, Becky


Sue said...

Dear Becky,

I'm sitting here crying reading your post as it brings back memories, and I have much empathy for you. You are doing all that you can do, and I believe your parents (and God) appreciate it.

Hang in there. My prayers are with all of you.



K-Sue said...

Also praying for you.

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

B, I'm here crying too... I went through this with my Daddy ( He suffered & passed away from Brain cancer) so I know some of what you are feeling...
That was so sweet of that neighbor & The folks at he Waffle House!! B, I hope my mansion is near yours! :)

God Bless you Dear sweet friend.. The lord is holding you tight!

Always praying.. Love ~ T