Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Day - Short Post

Hi Folks! It's been a long day, so this will be a short post. As of right about now, my dad is back in the hospice facility. His condition has declined rapidly, and today he got to the point where he couldn't swallow his pills, and was pretty much out of it. Also, when we tried to move him, he hurt just to be touched.

It took me ALL DAY on the phone before I finally got a nurse about 6:30 pm who really listened to me and heard what I was saying "We feel like we've been let down by this organization and have been hung out to dry and left with no support and we don't know what to do". Theresa heard me, and once she got off the phone with me, she called her boss - the clinical director for this area - who then called me and she got an ear full. Actually she got both ears full and then some! I can almost guarantee that by this time tomorrow there is a nurse and a case manager who will be wishing they had done a better job of caring for my dad!

My mom is on her last leg. None of us got much sleep last night, and she's just exhausted. I have her at my house now and hopefully she can (and I can) get a decent nights sleep before we go back over there tomorrow.

It can't be much longer now. My dad is skin and bones, his cheeks are caved in, and he's pretty much out of it. When he's not out of it, he's in pain, so I had rather him be out of it than in pain.

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. They are what is keeping me going - the prayers and knowing I will not have any regrets when this is all over with. Off to sit with mama for a few minutes and then to bed. Blessings, Becky


LissyLou said...

Bless you Becky - thinking of you and your family xx

K-Sue said...

Praying for you all.

Fay said...

My prayer is that soon your Dad will be out of his suffering. Stay strong Fay

tara said...

Sorry you are going through this becky, thinking of you~ xo

betty said...

Want you to know I'm thinking of you and your family at this time. I lift you all up in prayer for God's healing and sustenance.

My Bill passed away just over a year ago. We had a quiet family service 55 miles away in Arkansas.

Are you and your Mom doing okay? Sometimes, it is a relief,in a sense, to know they are at peace.

I have the assurance Bill is with his Mom and sister and my Mom, too.
I would say be strong and lean on the Lord. He will see you through!
Betty Phillips
Texarkana, Texas