Monday, August 31, 2009


When my dad talked to his youngest sister on Saturday, she told him she would be back home on Monday, and that she would bring him chili dogs and onion rings from the Varsity. He told her he wanted two chili dogs with lots of mustard, and onion rings, and a diet coke. And no matter who he talked to for the last two days, he told them he was going to have Varsity chili dogs today.

If you aren't familiar with the Varsity, it is an Atlanta legend and landmark. The original location is close to the Georgia Tech campus, and over the years it has been visited by celebrities, politicians, athletes - you name it, they've been there! They are famous for their chili dogs and their onion rings, and if you need a good lube job - well, that's the place to go! Yes, it's a bit greasy, but it sure is good! They also have a location in Alpharetta, which is just a few miles south of where my dad is staying, and only a couple of miles from my aunt's home.

Well, today my aunt came and she brought his chili dogs, and was he happy! He's eaten very little solid food over the last two to three weeks, but he ate almost a whole dog and several onion rings. We put the leftovers in the fridge for tomorrow.

My mom, two aunts, one uncle and myself were all sitting there watching him enjoy his food, and I snapped a few pictures of him. Once he had finished his meal, he grabbed his bag of chewing tobacco and put a big chew in his mouth, and sighed with contentment.

We sat there a good while, just chatting and catching up on things, and after a while he called my aunt who brought him the goodies and crooked his finger for her to come closer. As she stood over him, he grinned and said "I think your hot dogs are done now". An indication it was time for us to go outside and say goodbye to the sisters while the CNA cleaned him up.

Little moments like these - seeing him content for a little while - make up for the times he is confused and angry. We will give him anything he wants to eat or drink - at this point it doesn't matter any more.

And before I go, here's a picture of Sasha, the 'hospice puppy'. I spent a good bit of time 'puppy sitting' today, and we've kind of bonded. I took her outside for potty breaks, and she sat in my lap a lot, and I played with her and her stuffed dog toy. But if her 'mama' comes by - forget about it! She's off following Anna, the housekeeper who cares for her and who she lives with at night and weekends.

She's a tiny little thing, but full of spunk and spirit, and in the months and years to come she will become really special to the patients at the hospice house. Oh, and she's a licker, so if you come to visit - watch out!

Blessings folks, I'm off to bed. Becky


Anonymous said...

So nice to see your dad get his long-awaited chili dogs! He does look very content. I had told Nalley about Sasha so now I can show him her picture. That is such a grand idea. Pets have a way of comforting us when nothing else can. I hope you rest well.

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Awww B, What a wonderful post! I'm so glad for your daddy! That chili dog & onion rings sounds sooo good.. Has my tummy rumbling.. & what time is it... almost midnight here. LOL That's so funny what he said to your aunt!... LOL I bet he is such a hoot!

That puppy is precious! Cant help but smile when you see her! So good for all the patients & their families!

I just came across an ad in the pet section of the classfieds for those cute little puppies... Chaweenies is what they are apparently called. LOL They are coming up with some of the funniest breeds now... My inlaws have a schnoodle. he's so adorable.

Love the pics!

I'm wishing you get some good rest too! Love ya ~ T

Ladybug in TN said...

Maybe they need to take my friend who had surgery at Emory some of these hot dogs and onion rings. So glad to see Dad enjoying his food.

Remembering you all

LissyLou said...

aww bless him x

aimee said...

nice to have met your dad. what a nice treat for him to have those chili dogs. yummy! take care my friend :)

Leslie said...

Such a nice post. It was great to see your dad enjoying a delicious treat.