Saturday, August 29, 2009

Well Loved

Yep, that's my dad! He is well loved, and the last 24 hours have proved that! Last night after we left, one of his old truck driving partners, his wife and brother paid a visit. Today before we got there, a family who used to live 2 doors up from my parents (and whose now grown daughters my mom half raised) came to visit him, and at the same time their neighbor across the street visited, too. And sometime last night someone came and said they were 'a relative' and brought three potted plants and asked the nurse to let us have our choice and give the other two to other patients. We have no idea who that one was!!! And then this afternoon another two of his old truck driving buddies came to visit. Not counting my mom and me, he had 10 visitors!!! And he talked to his 2 sisters who are out of state on the phone. Oh, I almost forgot, but my hubby came and spent some time with him, too, so that is 11 not counting Mama and me.

Apparently one time when the 4 former neighbors and 1 current neighbor were there, the nurse came in to check on him because they were laughing so loud! The hospice has only three patients right now, so they weren't really disturbing anyone.

Anyway, this afternoon I ran up to the new shopping center right up the street and visited Barnes and Noble, where I got a new book that I hope to start reading tomorrow, and a pretty journal book that has bible verses on every 2 or 3 pages. I wrote a nice note in the book asking visitors who came to leave a note for us so we would know they had been, and left it on the TV armoire in the room.

We left kind of early because he was exhausted, and we thought he would rest better without disturbances. I really think he was alert and talkative with his visitors by sheer will rather than any physical strength, and that should tell you something about my dad. He is very strong willed, stubborn, determined, and that is what has kept him going this long. I'm much like him in that respect, but not quite as strong as he has been.

Tomorrow could be an eventful day. My two nephews are coming, and my brother may come, but I'll believe it when I see him walk in the door. My brother and older nephew really need to make their peace with Daddy as they've had some hard feelings for a long time. It could be kind of rough, but it's something that needs to be done. I'm going to make Mama let them have it and take her outside or into the parlor. We'll tell the nurse what is going on and she will keep an eye on things, but I think this is something each of them must do on their own.

So, I guess the news for today is that he is holding his own, and we are seeing just how well loved he is by the number of people who are visiting him. His youngest sister will be back home in Georgia on Monday afternoon, and she will be visiting him regularly, and can even run my mom home a few times so she can check on things and give me a break from time to time.

I want to say a special thanks (once again) to Dothan Fay, Tara, Aimee, Mildred, K-Sue, Sue and each and every one of you who have commented or e-mailed me, but more for your prayers. They are precious to me, and so are you! I have such a strong peace these days, and I truly believe it is the prayers of my friends that are helping me have that peace. You truly are the best, and I love you for being here! Many blessings, friends! Becky

PS - If you are interested in paying a 'virtual visit' to the hospice facility where my father is - you can click HERE, then scroll down to where you see the Cumming facility on the far left side. There's a link to a virtual tour.


Anonymous said...

I am pleased that your dad enjoyed his many visitors yesterday. I watched the video on the hospice facility and believe it is the same that our former neighbor stayed in. I remember the large porch surrounding the building. The family had great things to say about the staff. You remember to rest/take a break when you can. Let others help you. You all will be in my prayers and I'll say a prayer of thanksgiving for the wonderful, caring staff who are assisting you.

K-Sue said...

I'm glad to hear this is a good time for your family. Now I am especially praying for your brother and nephews, that they will get in on the family peace and joy, and not stay outside in the cold. I'm praying tat your Dad will receive them with grace.

Sue said...

Dear Becky,

You are all in my thoughts and prayers and you are so lucky to have such a nice facility so close. I'm glad that your father is having so many visitors, and if your brother and nephew come, maybe the peaceful and positive vibes from the facility and your family and friends will overwhelm them. I'm praying for that anyway.

Hang in there,



aimee said...

what a beautiful place. yes your dad is very loved :) i do pray that those family members make their peace. they will regret not doing so. it's amazing what pride can do to us. what a great idea to have a journal in the room for people to sign in. praying your day is full of peace and goodness.