Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's been a very long, and very eventful day. We got to the hospital today and my dad's confusion was worse. I asked for a conference with Dr. Allen (whom I love to death) and told him I needed to know the bottom line, and he told me.

We knew that both his heart and kidneys were in bad shape, and that if they treated one too much it could damage the other -like walking a tight rope and if you leaned too far to one side, you'd overcompensate and fall off the other side! Anyway, treating him for the heart failure has caused his kidneys to be worse. Both are in failure now. Because of his weakened state, and because his heart is just working so hard to keep pumping, he's losing oxygen to his brain, and he's very confused and doesn't know much of anything any more. And that is such a blessing! My dad, if he were 'cognizant' would be very upset to know he will never go home again.

My parents have lived in the same house the entire 59 years and 2 months of their marriage. That 'home' has been my dad's favorite place forever.

Tomorrow he will be transferred to a hospice facility in the town in which I live. It's fairly new, very (very) nice, and has only 15 private rooms. That is where he will spend the remainder of his days, and it's not likely that there will be many of those left. He is dying, and I am glad, because he's not been living for a long time.

My dad is a living legend. He has far out-lived his life expectancy. He has had several heart attacks, open heart surgery, triple bypass, aorta bypass, multiple stints and angioplasty, prostate cancer, a stroke, and more. He is tired, and it's time for us to let him go.

Oh, I will grieve my loss deeply, and I will miss him like crazy. You know how little girls and their daddies are! But I have such a sense of peace, because I know he would not like living like this, and he made it clear to us that he did not want to be kept alive by artificial means. We are honoring his wishes.

I am a Christian. A born-again, baptized, believer in Jesus Christ. So is my daddy. I believe - no, I know that when he dies, he will be made new, and he will be living like he's never lived before. He will be walking without pain, and his heart will be whole and he will be - probably - tending a garden somewhere in heaven. He loved tending a garden! And I will see him again, and we will walk those streets of heaven, and talk, and never be apart again. And I am joyous at that thought!

We (my mom and I) have done our best. We have taken care of him, even when he didn't appreciate it, and now he is in God's hands. And my God doesn't make mistakes, and He doesn't hurt those He loves (which is all of us) and He will hold me throughout these next days, and I will cling to Him and His promises.

Thank you each and every one for the prayers and good thoughts and comments and e-mails. Special thanks to Fay-Fay, Sue, Nancy, Jane, Tara and K-Sue. You are the best! Blessings, Becky


K-Sue said...

Oh, Honey, I pray this will be a gentle and positive time for you all - full of love and hope for the future. May the Comforter Himself fill you all with that peace that passes understanding.

aimee said...

He is an awesome God :) amen. praying for you all daily.
john 14:27 nkjv

Fay said...

My heart is breaking for you but also rejoicing that soon your Dad will be in a much better place than this old world. I am praying that you will find strength in the coming days.

Dothan Fay

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

B, You are in my thoughts & prayers always..I'm sure it's Comforting to know he will be lovingly cared for at the end of his journey here..

You are such an awesome daughter B!!The Lord is smiling down on you..

Blessed assurance... Such a comfort knowing you will see him again in heaven..

Love & Big Hugs ~ T

tara said...

Bekcy, when you wrote about the bond betwen little girls and their daddy I started to tear up, I feel the same way..I am so sorry for the pain you and your family are going through, but I think you are right, there is a time when we all must leave...and your dad has had amazing road. Now it will be time spent with your mom, on her new journey. my thoughts are with you Becky.

Anonymous said...

Your dad, you and your mom are all in my prayers during these difficult days. The hospice team is an amazing group of people who will help each of you tremendously. I hope it helps to know you have blogging friends you've never met who are keeping you in their heart and prayers.

Sue said...

Dear Becky,

I know the sense of relief when you have done all that can be done and all that is left is to let go--even though that is so hard. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.