Friday, August 28, 2009

Finding Joy Where You Can Find It!

It's been an interesting day. We got my dad moved to the hospice facility. Let me just tell you, we LOVE the place! It's homey, it's nice, the staff is so sweet, and they have a hospice puppy. Her name is Sasha and her mother is a Dachschund (appears to be wire-haired) and her daddy was "a sneaky chihuahua"! She's 3 months old and she arrived today in a pink tee shirt that said 'the A list' and a pink collar with a bell on it. She's adorable, and she has free run of the place, although today she needed a hiding place because there were two small girls who wanted her to be their play pretty, and she wasn't happy with that arrangement.

Anyway, back to my dad. Once they got him settled in, we went in to see him and he was mad as fire! He wanted to know why he was there and he wanted the truth! So I told him. We've told him a lot of half truths in recent months, but I will not out and out lie to him if he asks a point blank question. Nope, can't do it. So he knows that he will not be getting better, and he had a few moments today when he cried a bit.

He ate a few bites of soup, and some ice cream, almost 1/2 of a milkshake, drank some diet cokes and water. That's the most he's eaten in DAYS!!!

But he had some fun, too. He got to sit up in a chair and enjoyed that. He loves talking about his younger days, and remembers them better than more recent ones. He got to talk to one of the CNA's about his and Mama's honeymoon, and some of his times in the trucking business, and he got to watch Sasha playing with her little bear, and he laughed at her. I'll be remembering those moments, not the others so much.

As I said before, the facility is very nice -oh, and they have a living room and kitchen for family, and a lovely patio in the center of the building. We can come in and out 24/7 and stay all we want. It was very peaceful, and yet you could hear laughter across the building and Sasha's bell as she ran up and down the halls.

I don't know what tomorrow may bring - he may be back the way he was yesterday - confused and often unresponsive - but it will be okay. He is being kept comfortable and out of pain, and he can have all the chocolate milkshakes he wants. What a deal!!!

Blessings friends, Becky


Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Oh B, I can hardly see to type through my tears... This place sounds like a really good place for him.. God's hand is over everything.. & He is holding all of you very close right now.. Puppies & chocolate milkshakes!Yep.. the Lord is with him... Lots of Love & prayers.. ~ T

Valerie said...

I know this was so hard even though you love the place. I feel for you. I will be praying for you and your family as you go through this journey.

Anonymous said...

I have a deep love and appreciation for the hospice workers that helped out with my mother this time last year. We had five months together and I love them just like they are family. That puppy sounds like a doll! I'm glad it pleased your dad to watch it play. May God continue to bless each of you.

K-Sue said...

Praying for more sweet times and memories. So happy to see prayers for your family being answered.

Sue said...

Dear Becky,

Chocolate milk shakes and a puppy--sounds like a very nice place. I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. You are so right to remember all the good times, and as time passes, really, those will be in the front of your memory bank.

Hugs as always,


aimee said...

what a blessing to have found such a beautiful place for your father. i would love to sit and listen to those stories. take care sweet friend.

Fay said...

Becky. this sounds lik a wonderful place for you Dad to spend his last days. From volunteering at Covenant Hospice I know how kind and compassionate they can be. Take care of yourself. You are on my prayer list ar church.

Dothan Fay