Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dad Update - We SAT!

Yep, we sat for a long, long time! We got to ER about 2:30 pm, and finally got him in a room at 12:15 this morning, then we had to sit and wait for them to get him settled. We sat on the cold stone ledge beneath the frosted windows because BOTH waiting rooms were full of people, many of them trying to sleep. Then when they got hm settled, we went in to fill out all the paperwork and tell him goodbye. I drove my mom the 10+ miles to her house, made sure she was in the house and drove the 25+ miles home.

It was after 3 am before I got to sleep, and woke up a few minutes after 8, so I probably got about 4 1/2 hours of sleep.

But first, let me say this. We have been to the ER at least 12 times since this past February. And in years past we've been there several other times. I feel like I am somewhat of a pro at the whole ER thing, but nothing prepared me for last night!
By 8 pm every room in the ER was taken, and every seat in the lobby was filled, and people were overflowing out to the benches outside. One time I went outside to call my aunt and two ambulances, about 3-4 cars full of people and a truck pulling a horse trailer (full of horses) came through. Crazy!!!
And we had everything from clowns to roaring lions to laughing hyenas to a foundered elephant - or maybe it was a beached whale, who knows. But it was just crazy. It took us 11 hours in the ER because they were waiting for a room. There were no empty rooms so my dad is now in CCU - not because he's in critical condition, but because that's where there was an empty bed. This is a fairly small hospital, but not THAT small, it was just full!
So, hopefully they've gotten the tangle of people straightened out by the time we get back today, but thankfully we won't be stopping in ER, just passing through.
I need to get ready to head back up there. Thanks so much for your prayers every one is such a blessing, you have no idea! Becky


tara said...

Oh Becky, I am so sorry about all you are going through with your dad, you must be exhausted to say the least...I think you do need to get some help with the house at least for a little while as you help your dad...My thoughts are with you.
P.S. the circus act sounded awful, what was that all about???

aimee said...

sorry to hear your dad is back in the hospital. i will continue to pray for him and the rest of the family. i know its tough, but take time to rest and eat right. it is very important.

K-Sue said...

I have accompanied someone to ER (and sat in the hall) twice in the Orlando area on weekends during flu season, so I hear ya - though the carloads plus horse trailer is pretty wild. Glad he's settled.