Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Treasures, and Up and Running

I hope everyone is doing well this week! I've been busy as a bee this week, but I'll tell you more about that later. But, I haven't shared anything from my home with you in quite a while, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite treasures with you. All but the first one are from my dining room, and this first painting is at the end of my hallway so you see it as you are walking down toward the bedrooms.

This is a real oil on canvas painting. My mother worked to earn it at an antique shop owned by some friends of hers, and gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. It was painted by a Mrs. Hardy, and is an old farmhouse with quilts for sale hanging on the porch. I love it, and always remember my mother when I look at it. I cried when I opened it, because I couldn't believe she'd worked for those ladies just to get it for me because she knew I loved it.

I just recently rearranged my china cabinet, and added this corn stove set. I remember my paternal grandmother having this on her stove from my early childhood. I believe it's McCoy and if so, valuable, but to me it is priceless!

I have a thing for anything clear glass or crystal, and especially clear glass pitchers and cream and sugar sets. I bought this cream and sugar set at a yard sale for about 50 cents years ago.

The little glass tray in the background was my mothers, and she just gave it to me last year. It was one of the last gifts she received from HER mother. It's clear glass, but the roses and leaves are colored. The glass goblet on the left-hand side is one of a set of six I bought at an auction. They have a cut leaf pattern scattered around the glasses, and the six matching plates. I bought them all (six glasses and 7 plates) for $12 - amazing!

This next treasure was a Christmas gift from my husband about 8-10 years ago. He bought it at an antique market, and thought it was a teapot, but I think it is probably a 'chocolate set'. There is a tray, pot, two cups and saucers and cream and sugar.

I believe it is bisque, and is by Royal Vienna. I've never been able to find another one like it to get a decent idea of the value.

This punch bowl also belonged to my paternal grandmother. It has 12 cups and the glass ladle. I don't remember ever seeing it as a child, but when we cleared out her home, I set claim to it. A few years ago at a local antique market, I saw one just like it but with the addition of the glass tray that goes underneath that was priced at $350. Once again, to me it is priceless! At Christmas I fill it up with Christmas balls.

This is a print by Butch Hodgkins of a church in Cades Cove, Tennessee. We've been to this church numerous times, sat in the silence for a while or walked around the graveyard. It's such a lovely place! I saw the print at a shop in Rugby, TN but didn't like the frame, so later I got online and found a copy of the print and had it framed to match my dining room. I also have a print of a farmhouse by him on the other wall, but couldn't get a decent picture of it.

Another treasure from my mom. She can't really afford to buy me the gifts she would like to, and feels I do so much to help them that she should do something to repay me. I've told her many times I'd rather have some of the treasures, and now she is giving me things from time to time.

This churn, I believe, was a wedding gift to my parents in 1950, and is in great condition. In summertime I have it setting on my fireplace hearth.

That's all the treasures I have to share for today, so now let's talk about my activities the last couple of days. Monday and Tuesday were spent crafting and getting things ready to open my Etsy shop, and today I made pics and stocked the store. It is now up and running!!! You can go to my shop by clicking on the items listed in the right hand column.

I have 29 items for sale, with many lavender sachets, some buttons and eyelets, and one vintage recipe box. And I'll be making more as time goes by, so . . . . . shop on!

Talk to you soon - blessings, Becky


Anonymous said...

Morning Becky, You have some beautiful treasures. That chocolate set is so pretty and the heirlooms from you Mom are so special. I'm on my way to check out your shop. Hope you have a great day!

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Your treasures are beautiful B!! Love everything! Congrats on your Etsy shop! You are so talented & creative! Hope you guys have a Wonderful & Relaxing weekend! Big Hugs ~ T

aimee said...

such special treasures.i love that painting and how special that your mom worked at the store to buy it for you. touched my heart :)