Monday, August 24, 2009


Just wanted to let you know that we are once again at the hospital in the ER. (WE is my dad who is the patient and my mom and I.) We were here on Friday, too. Friday it was a bladder infection and yeast (rash) infection. Today they are running panels and tests and CT Scans and chest X-Rays, EKG's, etc. He's really out of it today - a good sign there's something going on that we can't see. They are admitting him to monitor his heart for a while, but it may be a while before we get upstairs. We've been here in ER about 4 hours - and they will tell you that you never get out of the ER in less than 6 hours. It's going to be long night, I'm afraid, before we get him settled, I get Mama settled at home and then drive the 30 minutes or so to my house.

We are taking each day, each situation as it comes. I am impatient, and while I am praying for God's will, I want it now! But I am also praying for patience and wisdom and grace for this journey I'm on these days. I read a couple of posts today HERE and HERE, and if you have a few minutes, please read them. They both spoke to me in different ways. The first is someone in a similar situation to mine, the second in circumstances much different, but no less stressful and difficult. They are both so much farther along in their walk than I feel I am, but I keep praying for patience, wisdom and love for my parents. Those three will see me through.

Any prayers or positive thoughts you choose to lift up for us today and in the days to come would be most appreciated. Blessings, Becky


Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Oh B... I'm here saying prayers.. I got on because I was so excited! I wanted to let you know I got my very special package of beautiful goodies today!! And on my Birthday too!! It really made my day!! Thank you again so much!

I will keep praying Dear Sweet Friend... Love & Great Big Hugs...
~ T

K-Sue said...

It seems like there would be a way to just get him admitted straight in, and not have to always go via ER, doesn't it? Praying for you all today.