Monday, August 10, 2009

Being Creative . . .

. . . is not just about 'making' something; at least, not for me. Being creative is about starting with nothing, taking bits and pieces of whatever I can find that 'fits' and putting them together into something pretty, interesting, useful, quirky - whatever! It's about letting go of the worries and stresses and day to day problems, and just going with the flow of the old creative juices. It's about freeing any preconceived ideas of how something is supposed to be used, and making it be something else. And for me, it is about preserving my sanity, keeping me focused on something positive instead of all the negatives pouring in around me. And for the last eight months or so, I've been doing a pretty lousy job of all of it!

Lavender Sachet - cotton muslin, stamped with pigment inks, embossing powder, charm, beads, brown twill hanger.

Last year, I was in a truly crazy good creative zone. I made mostly greeting cards, with a little scrapbooking and other crafts thrown in for good measure, and all the 'stuff' didn't seem to bother me so much. But after Christmas, I couldn't seem to get back into the swing of things, and then in February we almost lost my dad and I spent the better part of 2 weeks at the hospital or going back and forth between my home, my parents home and the hospital. And since then, in just 6 months, we've been back to the emergency room at least 10 times, and admitted into the hospital at least 6 times. Then add to that doctor's appointments, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and caring for my own home, husband, doggies and once in a while myself, who has the time or energy to 'be creative'???

Lavender Sachet - vintage (60's or 70's) fleur-de-lis fabric, cotton fabric with pigment inks, buttons, velvet ribbon, jingle bells.

But somehow, this past weekend, I feel like I turned a corner, or a light switch was turned on, or something like that! Saturday and Sunday I could feel the wheels turning, and every time I went into the office/craft room, I would start fingering fabrics and looking through the ribbons, just wondering how I could use them. And Sunday evening I got out a piece of cotton fabric and just started experimenting with stamps and inks and seeing what might happen if I tried this or that, and that first picture up above is the end product of my experimenting.

Lavender Sachet - vintage (1950's) chicken feed sack fabric, vintage ric-rack, covered button, tea charms, buttons, grosgrain ribbon hanger.

But I didn't stop there, OH no! And I didn't make two, or three, but four lavender sachets - all different, but made similarly. The two distressed/stamped cotton sachets are about 6-7 inches long by about 2 1/2 inches wide. The pink one is about 5 inches tall by 3 1/2 - 4 inches wide, and the red and turquoise sachet is a bit larger than that one. The top of each sachet has some decorative stitching, too. Each one has a bit of long grain rice in the bottom for a bit of weight, and good healthy scoop or two of organic lavender.

Lavender Sachet - cotton muslin, stamped with pigment inks, embossing powders, brown twill hanger.

And I had such a lovely day! Not only did I finish one, and totally make three sachets, I also washed 4 loads of clothes, one load of bath mats, got them all hung up, folded and put away, and made dinner. Crazy! The last few weeks I haven't been able to even do all the laundry in one day, and then I got even more depressed! (That 'd' word is a vicious, vicious circle once it's got you!) And by the end of the day I was beginning to recognize something I hadn't felt in a while - it was a tiny glimmer of JOY! Delightful!

All four of the sachets - a day well spent!

Now here's where I need your help - and I mean honest help! Do you like them??? Are they pretty to you, do they appeal to your sense of style or decor or whatever? Would you want them in your home? Do you think anyone would buy them?
If you'll answer one or more of these questions in a comment on this post, on Saturday I'll draw a name and send the sachet of your choice to you as my gift! How's that for a deal! So please, tell me what you think, give me your honest opinion, and maybe you'll get a goodie for your trouble.
Blessings friends, Becky


Linda said...

Oh Becky , they are too cute. Sachets are always useful. in the drawer, hanging in the closet. Why not sell them? I would buy one.

K-Sue said...

Love them! I am so glad to see you back in the creative zone. I understand the itchy fingers, the mind dancing around project ideas.

Nita in South Carolina said...

I think they're lovely! I especially like the two long, brownish ones - they look sort of tea-stained and antique. I am very non-crafty, unfortunately, and I could never make something so pretty!

Norma said...

She's baaaaaack! Wondering where "you" have been all these months...and as usual, your work is beautiful! I'm a crafter myself and appreciate the work and creativity that goes into your projects.

Sue said...


I think they are all lovely, and you are very talented. I have no craft skills, but I can appreciate the efforts of those who possess them. I especially like the one with the fleur-de-lis fabric.

Glad your dad is doing better. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Liz said...

I think they're adorable! Wow, you had a seriously productive day too!

Kelly Jackson said...

I think they are wonderful. Yes people will buy them. Why not? The best part is your creativity has returned and you are back in the groove. What a wonderful experience. When my energies are tapped like that I can barely make it through a day much less be creative. Welcome back :)

Kelly Jackson

Tara said...

Yeah, clapping for you..woo woo!! Becky I am so excited for you that you are finding the time to be creative!! :) I love the lavender sachets...and I have a thing for vintage feed sack fabric as well!!

Congrats on your store, I am so excited for you!XO

Jane said...

Becky, I love them!!!! Who wouldn't??? They would also be lovely to put in Christmas gifts. I like to make baskets for friends. Wouldn't these be great for a lavender scented bath basket with soaps, bath gel, bubble bath,etc. Yeah SELL THEM. Jane