Sunday, May 10, 2009

Now Blooming . . .

David Austin's 'Heritage' Rose

Rue - Butterflies and Bees love it!

David Austin 'William Shakespeare'

Purple Leafed Honeysuckle

(I just planted this a week or so ago to replace a climbing rose that died. He was never happy there, anyway, but it appears 'Honey' is already happy!)

Solomon's Seal

(This is growing up against the trunk of a sweet gum tree,and came up volunteer. I'm not bothering it, because it seems to be very happy there!)


Sorry, can't remember name!

David Austin climbing rose

Tess Of The d'Urbervilles

And I wanted to share these with you as 'BEFORE' pictures! These are the two boxes I have on the rail of our back deck. The flowers are impatiens and ornamental 'sweet potato' vines in two colors - purple and chartreuse.

These will fill in and the vines will trail over the sides in no time, giving the birds a place to hide, and us a little extra privacy on the deck. The boxes have a channel down the middle so that they fit firmly over the deck railing, and come in two different widths. The drainage holes are on the lower sides, so no water sits on the deck rail. I got mine several years ago at Pikes, but many different garden centers carry them, or you may still be able to find them on

Thanks for visiting, Becky


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blooms this morning. I love your planters too. Hope you enjoy the day. We got even more rain last night!

Valerie said...

The flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.