Saturday, May 30, 2009

I think I can, I think I can . . . . .

Do you see the cute sign below? The one at the feet of the rapidly growing chocolate mint? It's one I painted a few years ago, and it's got bumble bees painted all over it, and says "They can because they think they can".

You see, aerodynamically speaking, bumble bees should not be able to fly. Their chunky bodies are way too heavy for their tiny, sheer wings to lift and carry them. But you know what? Nobody ever told them that! No mama bumble bee ever said "Honey, your wings are too small for your body, so you can't fly around and pollinate the flowers"!

How many times have parents told their children they couldn't do something? Many. And how many times have their children worked extremely hard to prove them wrong? Thank goodness, there have been many of those, too. But I bet there have been even more who thought "Okay, if he/she says I can't, then I can't, so I won't even try". And that's too sad for words! Parents should never tell their children they can't accomplish something they want to do. Okay, so point out the challenges, but then support them and guide them as they go, and let them at least TRY to accomplish that supposedly impossible feat!

Sorry, I got off track a little (no, a lot) there! My real point about this is totally different, so here goes . . . . .

Yesterday I worked outside from about 8 am until about 6:30 pm with only a few short food/water/gatorade/potty breaks. I planted somewhere between 50 and 60 plants, cut back a few bushes, staked up a few things and washed, moved and filled up the bird bath. A few of the plants were in cell packs, but most were in 6" or larger pots. I was exhausted. And after a nights rest, I'm still exhausted!

I have only about 12 - 15 things left to plant, but most of them are in gallon or larger pots, so that means bigger holes to dig, and heavier lifting. I also have about 5 huge clumps of hostas to divide up and plant. I dug them up to save them from the voles, placed them on newspapers thinking I would get to them very soon. Little did I know we would have monsoon season here for about a month! They are thriving on the newspapers under the oak tree, where I intend planting them.

It is my goal to get this finished today. But with these aching muscles, the necessity to run to the grocery store, cook dinner and get a picnic ready for tomorrow, I'm just not sure it will happen. I'll try, but I'm just not too convinced!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!!

Blessings, Becky


Anonymous said...

Boy, I guess you do have sore muscles! It is all going to be beautiful though. Looks like a pretty day here in GA. Best wishes with your "to do" list!

Anonymous said...

What a lot of hard work! I can't believe you've done all that.
You are courageous.
Love the story about the bumblebees and the following example about children, so true!
Hope you don't do too much today, you'd better rest.
Have a nice week-end.
Hugs xx

K-Sue said...

I remember digging in the red Georgia clay, hitting granite, so I know what you have accomplished is no mean feat! Digging holes is so easy here in Florida...maybe I should go plant something.

Faye said...

Bless your heart!You have been busy.Looking fowards to pics of your beautiful flowers! Blessings, Faye