Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do you plan ahead???

So tell me, DO you plan ahead??? Meal planning, that is!

This is an area in which I've been sadly lacking of late, even though I know it makes my life so very much easier if I take the 10 minutes to sit down and plan my meals ahead!

And yes, there are just the two of us, but I find that if I put it down in writing, post it where I can see it, and consult it early in the morning, I am so much more motivated to actually cook a nice dinner, rather than just throwing something together, or worse, leaving my husband to have a microwave meal!

I also find it's easier to plan from Saturday through Friday because these days I rarely know what we'll be doing NEXT weekend!

I guess the part that is made easier by having a plan, is knowing early in the day what I need to take out of the freezer! As I've told you in previous posts, I rarely keep fresh meats in the refrigerator. I buy bulk, divide it up into meal sized portions and freeze it. This is very cost effective, even though you do have to think ahead at least a couple of hours.

So, as you can (hopefully) see on the above picture, I simply use a spreadsheet with four columns: Day, Date, Meal and Foods. Now, 99% of the time, the meal is going to be dinner as my hubby is at work and I don't plan my daily breakfast and lunch ahead.

For today, dinner will be steaks from the freezer, baked potatoes, roast asparagus and a salad. That means I need to go soon and take the steaks out of the freezer so they can thaw. (DONE!) Tomorrow's dinner will be an easy meal, in fact, a one pan meal of boneless chicken breasts with potato slices, carrot chunks and sliced onions.

And if you can read the meal for Tuesday, you know I won't be cooking dinner! I've promised my mom I'll take her shopping and even if I get home in time, I'll be too tired to cook! If I could get my husband trained, he would be able to look at the sheet and know he is on his own for Tuesday! But I don't see that happening any time soon!

Here's a picture of my newly made list on the fridge >>>

So now I have no excuse for not making a nice dinner each night, and I feel better knowing the motivation AND accountability is there, staring me in the face each time I walk by the refrigerator!

Last of all, I want share something with you; do you see that bit of gold frame above the meal plan? I bought this picture a few years before I retired from corporate work. I put heavy duty magnets on the back, and attached it to the side of my cubicle at work, right where I could see it. I worked in an office where I didn't fit in, and felt so alone, so this verse truly reminded me how NOT alone I really was. Now it's on my fridge, to remind me each day that I am still not alone, and I am loved beyond measure!

The verse is this >>>

I will never forget you!

You are very precious in my sight.

You are so special to me that

I have imprinted your picture

on the palms of my hands.

Isaiah 49:15 - 16

May you know the joy of knowing, believing and understanding how much you are loved! Those prints on the palms of His hands are nail scars, friend, and He loves you that much!

Now, please tell me - DO you plan ahead??? Do you make a meal plan, is it all in your head, or do you just fly by the seat of your pants??? I want to know what you do to make preparing meals for your family easier! Blessings friends! Becky


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful verse to share today. I do plan meals ahead but I don't write anything down. One day a week, I prepare three entrees and that usually last us through the week. That way, whatever either of us is hungry for, we just microwave it. Having it ready in advance usually prevents us from running out for junk food!

Nita in South Carolina said...

I try to plan a week ahead, but sometimes fly by the seat of my pants. We have two teens with extremely busy schedules, and I work fulltime, so I am much happier if I plan ahead! Especially when they have evening rehearsals or concerts and I have have something available that is quick and easy. I try as much as possible not to depend on a drive-through.

My plan for the next year is to make each of them responsible for making a meal once a week.

Valerie said...

I love the verse you shared. It is beautiful. I don't plan my meals like I should but you have motivated me to start TODAY.I love how Mildred does it. I may try that. Thanks for the reminder.

Jeanneoli said...

I love when I plan ahead...we have all our meals at home...and then there are the weeks when I am constantly wondering what we are going to have and begging to go out to eat.

K-Sue said...

Yum! Your week sounds good - we'll be over at 6. {{grin - it's a mighty long drive}}

Sometimes I plan and write up a weekly menu list, other times I wing it, sometimes there is a list in my head. If one has a sizable pantry space and a full-size freezer (or 2 or 3 for a bigger family) winging it is MUCH easier.

-and thanks for your comment about I'm going to check it out.