Monday, May 31, 2010

Laundry Doesn't Take A Holiday! And A Tribute . . .

I have found that there are two jobs that are endless.  Dirty dishes and dirty clothes.  If you eat, you are going to  have dirty dishes.  If you live you are going to have dirty clothes!  And in my house, laundry usually doesn't take a holiday!  And you may be wondering to yourself right about now 'well, why not?' and I'll happily tell you!

The main reason is that we are almost always home on holidays!  Way back, even in our dating days, we never went anywhere on holidays.  Crowds, crazy people, crowds - hubby hates crowds!  And then after I retired and we moved here to Camellia Cottage Monday was just the best day - for me - to do laundry.  And eventually, holiday or no, the tradition stuck.

And trust me, there are benefits to doing laundry on holidays! 
  1. First and foremost, on holidays, hubby is home.  And if hubby is home, when the dryer buzzes, instead of taking out his clothes and folding or hanging them up, I call him to come help and then he folds them and hangs them up, thus freeing up about 1/3 of my laundry time.  Cool how that works, huh?
  2. If the laundry is done on the holiday, it isn't carried over to Tuesday and therefore Tuesday is set aside for doing other chores, and thus not putting my oh so tight (NOT!) schedule behind a day.  And that allows me to spend the day doing something I'd rather be doing, or that needed doing ages ago and I never got around to before now.
So, since the laundry will be done today, and hubby will be  back at work tomorrow, I have given my self a gift of tomorrow - a day that I can spend any way I choose.  It's a win/win, people, a true win/win!!!

Hope you are having a safe,happy, fun and memorable Memorial Day!  Becky

PostScript:  The man in the picture above, the one holding the gun, is D. and this picture was only taken about 3 weeks ago.  He is a co-worker of my hubby, and he is now in Afghanistan, in an area where some of the worst fighting is taking place.  This is his second or third time to be called up since he's been working with hubby.  He and thousands of men and women just like him are not doing much celebrating today.  They are working, giving up their days off and their barbecues and their time with their families to protect our freedom.  Freedom isn't free, folks, and that is what today is all about - remembering D. and those like him who have served and are serving, and especially those who didn't make it home alive - and giving their all so that we can stay home today and enjoy time with OUR families and OUR barbecues. 

And though many people don't pay tribute to them, there is a whole other group of people who don't get a day in their honor - the FAMILIES of these brave men and women!  Moms and dads, wives and husbands, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and friends who, because their loved ones chose to serve US (us as in you and me), have to sacrifice so very, very much! 

I am so grateful, and so proud, there just aren't the words to express it, so please, if you are one of these I've just mentioned - a soldier or a loved one of a soldier, please accept my deepest and most heartfelt appreciation and love.  Thank You!


Kathy said...

You are right! I call my laundry - doing it now - the never ending story. Thought it would lessen when one moved out and the girls took over theirs. Somehow....
Wishing you a blessed Memorial Day,


I'm doing laundry today is the perfect day to hang sheet outside to dry! Yummy!
How did the flea market sale go???
My Dad was in WW2 and most of my uncles served. I have a newphew and close friends who are in the reserves and may be called into action this summer.
God Bless Us All.
Deb :)

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Yep! I do laundry every day to keep up!

Please tell D. Thank you from us!! We are deeply Thankful for him!! God Bless him & his Family! My Great Uncle gave his all in North Korea..My Grandmother never even got to bury her Precious Son..He's still over there somewhere.. I'm so Thankful Every Day for all of them! Thanks for sharing about D. with us..

Big Hugs ~ T

Valerie said...

You are so right. Laundry never ends but the good thing is that it will always be there. It is not going anywhere. We also choose not to go off on most holidays. Happy Memorial Day to you. I loved your tribute.

aimee said...

i will add D to my prayers. thank you for such a touching post.good girl on doing your chores enjoy your free day :)

K-Sue said...

I wonder how many of us have a load going this second? I do.

Thank you for the tribute. We have a young friend who took off for basic training on Memorial Day. Our prayers go with him.