Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stressed and Obsessed!

So, I've told you about the Georgia Farmgirls Arts and Crafts Show this weekend, right?  It's the first official community event for our chapter, and it means a lot to me on several levels. 

The first level is I am hosting my own booth for the first time ever at a craft show as a vendor.  Hooray!  I have an assortment of handmade things from pincushions to lavender sachets to a few vintage things such as handmade aprons, hankies and Victorian post cards.  I think I have a really nice assortment of things.

I have spent this whole day sorting and pricing my items, plus looking for things to display them in.  I have vintage hankies and post cards in a square basket that they stand up in very well - I have them in cellophane envelopes to keep them clean and separate.  I have a big enameled wash basin that I am displaying the lavender sachets in, a smaller enameled bowl that I'm using for some smaller things, and a 3 tiered wire basket for little things.  Everything in the top tier is $1, middle tier $1.50 and bottom tier $2.

This is one of the things I made for the show.  His name is KOS, short for Keeper Of Secrets.  He has big ears to hear all you want to tell him, but no mouth, so he can't tell your secrets to anyone else.

I found some vintage (70's) brightly colored fabric my mom gave me - bright red, white, royal blue, teal/peacock blue, green and black HUGE floral design.  I have enough to put on my table and I made a pennant banner/bunting from the same fabric that is about 16-17 feet long.  It will go around the top of the canopy I'll have over my table, at least on the front and sides.  The show is outside in a small 'field' beside our Henhouse.

I've even got my wardrobe planned!  I know, but I did say I was obsessing!  This is a farmgirls event, so I'm wearing jeans, white tee shirt and a red smock type apron with pockets that I can keep my money in. for safe keeping.

The second level on which this is really important to me is that I am new to the group, and the group is fairly new, and I would just LOVE to see this event be a huge success!  Our fearless leader, Mary Ann, has some wonderful ideas, but participation and willingness to help hasn't been a strong point with a lot of the members.  So I want to be a worker bee for this chapter and help get it going strong!

I have only been a member since March, but already I am doing our blog, and helping on the group's Facebook Page.  I think communicating with members is huge, and will help toward getting more people involved.  I am also planning on teaching a class on making pincushions at one of our Craft Nighs in the next few weeks.

So, yes!   I am stressed and obsessed, but in all honesty I am having a wonderful time!!!  I am living again!  My new friend Mary Ann is making me get out of the house more often and getting me in trouble with hubby because I tend to forget dinner more often.  (Nah - he really doesn't mind so much!)  And I am so thankful that after many years of praying for a real, true neighbor, I now have one!  Honestly, one left out of our subdivision, 4 miles or so and left into her driveway!

Thank you for listening to my ramblings.  It means a lot to know I have friends all over the place who care about me and even understand how things have been the last couple of years.  I am one super blessed gal, and I am grateful!  Blessings folks,  Becky

PS - can you believe this is almost a picture-free post???  Never fear, I'll make up for it after the show with pics of my booth! 


Marydon Ford said...

... & you are going to have a blast! I can tell ... enjoy & make a bundle!

Love the secret keeper!

Have a beautiful Mother's Day.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

aimee said...

how fun! i cant wait to see the pictures from your day. you going to do are so creative.

K-Sue said...

I look forward to seeing your booth pictures. Hope you have a great time.

Janean said...

shhhhhh. don't tell anyone, but how stinkin' cute is she?!

hopefully you'll sell everything. enjoy!

cindy said...

Tell us how your craFt show.....I've always wanted to do something like that myself.

Ladybug in TN said...

I am so excited that the day has come and gone with your expectations being over and above your personal goal.

Yeah for Becky! Better things are ahead as well.

Love ya