Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This, That, and the other Thing!

I'm sorry it's been so long between posts!  I actually tried to do a post mid-week last week but couldn't get blogger to let me load some of my pics.  Actually I did the whole post, published it, and blogger only chose to publish 1/2 of the post and I lost the rest of it.  So that kind of bummed me out for a while.  Because of that, and because loading lots of pictures is easier to do with slide shows than with blogger, I am doing this post with two slide shows.  That being said, here's what's been going on here!

Not much!  But I do have a few pics of flowers blooming in my yard these days.  I truly believe my Daddy has been tending my garden, and everything (but mostly things he gave me or that I know he loved) has been doing so very well!  (I love you, Daddy!)

Here is the slide show of flower pics . . .


I have also been shopping, online and at yard sales and estate sales, for more things for my shop.  You may have noticed my Etsy shop is no longer on my side bar.  That is because I am working on re-vamping it and trying to get new things listed, and it's easier if I don't have it open at the time.
Through my online shopping I have bought a number of postcards, mostly Christmas and New Years, and all from between 1900 and the early 1920's.  If you remember, the ones I had before sold VERY well at the craft show, so now I have more to sell.  I have also bought a great vintage linen lot with some of the most gorgeous embroidery I have EVER seen!  There are even a couple of pieces that may never make it to a sale, but into my collection instead!
And at yard and estate sales, I have bought an old painting, some books, magazines and the best deal of the day, a brand new, in the box Martha Stewart 'Favor Packaging Kit' which has 25 tins that are to be used for wedding/party favors.  I am going to decorate the tins and fill them with organic lavender to sell. 
Here are the pics of vintage things that will soon make their way either into my Etsy shop or to the next Georgia Farmgirls (GAFG) 'Flea in the Field' flea market sale . . .

We are having our 2nd GAFG craft night this Thursday and I will be teaching a class on making a pincushion similar to this one . . .

 . . . and when I finish this post I am on my way to make THIS cake to take to the meeting.  Mary Ann is taking a few savory things and I'm bringing the sweet!

I have to tell you, too, about our latest adventure.  As some of you may know, I never learned to ride a bicycle.  When I was about 4 years old I was riding with one of my Daddy's sisters (on back) and got my ankle caught in the spokes and was always afraid to try on my own.  As an adult I could rationalize that fear, but those voices in my head just wouldn't let me do it! 

When we were in Florida a few weeks ago, hubby and I saw a tandem (or built for two) bicycle and wanted to rent one but could never find a bike shop that had tandems available.  After we got home, hubby strongly suggested I get online and see if we could find one.  He had the faith in me that if we could do the tandem bike, I could learn to ride.  We found one for a very reasonable price at Walmart, ordered it 'site to store' shipping and it came a week or so ago.  We took it to a bike shop to have it checked out (we are NOT bike mechanics) and started riding it on Saturday.

First time up, we did pretty well.  We rode once on Saturday and twice on Sunday.  I will say this - I am not convinced that I could ride a bike alone yet, but we rode, and it felt so good to finally be able to do something that I've been wanting to do for over 50 years!  And I give all the thanks to my sweet hubby who had faith in me, and encouraged me so much.  (I love you sweetie!)

So that's all from me for now.  But I'll be back soon with more of what's going on here, at Camellia Cottage!  Blessings folks!  Becky


Fay said...

I don't believe I could sell some of those beautiful embroderied pieces you have, I would keep them for myself. Looks like you have a good variety and I love the picture of the old house. It's a good thing I don't live close as I would probably wipe you out when you have the sale.

K-Sue said...

Beautiful flowers! -and great treasure hunting, too.

I had wondered what happened with the blog spot. A couple of times I've had picture upload trouble, but the next day or 2, the problem disappears.

I remember reanting tandem bikes at Callaway gardens. Wonder if they still have them there?

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I am PROUD of you!!!! I never learned how to "really" swim and wish so much that I knew how. Maybe it's not too late for me, either??