Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Up Wednesday!

Hi Folks!  It's Wednesday January 6, 2010, and here's what's going on at my house:

It's C*O*L*D!!!  And it has been cold for a week now!  And I mean bone chilling, deep, abiding, 'ain't going nowhere' kind of cold!  Today our high is supposed to be around 32 degrees F, and our high yesterday was about 30!  There's snow on the way for tomorrow evening, and temps are expected to get lower before they start rising!  Saturday and Sunday won't even get into the 30's!  So, how's that for living in the deep south???
(Photo from Flickr)

I'm trying to get a few things done around the house, but it's really hard because my cardmaking mojo seems to be back after about a week's hiatus, and I just want to be making cards.

The Back Yard Birds (BYB) are hungry and busy looking for food.  I have plenty of food now because hubby stopped by the feed and seed store yesterday and picked up a 50 pound bag of safflower seed.  Main problem???  I can't keep the squirrels out of it!  According to what I've read, squirrels aren't supposed to like safflower seed, but obviously no one told that to the abundant squirrels in our neighborhood!  The nasty rodents have destroyed three (yes, 3) supposedly squirrel proof feeders, and I have two now that are called 'squirrel stumpers', but the boogers were eating on them within ten minutes of me hanging them!  Anybody know a 12 y/o boy who got a good BB gun or maybe a 410 shotgun for Christmas who needs target practice???

(Warmer Days at Camellia Cottage)

My sweet new friend, Donna from Bluebird Lane (etsy shop) did an unthinkable thing, and GAVE me a brand new, in packaging Cricut cartridge!  She said her hubby gave her one that she already had and she never returned it to the store, and she wanted me to have it! There are still incredibly kind people in this world.  It came yesterday and I've already played with it a bit.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Donna!!!

For dinner tonight, probably pork chops, lima beans and mashed potatoes.  It's the last pack of chops out of our freezer special we bought last March.  We will be doing that again this year, by the way!  A really great thing to go out into the garage, open the freezer door and have your pick of meats for dinner!

(One of the two huge boxes of meat from our 03/09 freezer filling special.)

The girls are barely coming out from under their blankets these days.  My Doxies are shorthaired and very cold natured.  They burrow and wrap and wind their blankets around them and try to stay warm.  I really need to wash their beds, but that will probably have to wait for a warmer day.

Prayers are going up for my Daddy's middle sister, Linda, who is in a S. Florida hospital right now.  She has suffered from asthma for a number of years, but over Christmas she had a particularly bad attack.  They admitted her into the hospital and after tests have discovered that in addition to her breathing problems, she has heart blockages and a leaky valve in her heart.  She is expected to have surgery next Monday, 1/11, and I am sure she would appreciate any prayers you lift up on her behalf.

I am pondering the possibility of having a birthday party for my Mama's 80th birthday next July.  It would have to be done on a very slim budget, and I'm thinking about having a 'bring your own' picnic at a park somewhere, and just not telling Mama about it until everyone starts arriving.  Do you have any suggestions??? 

And that's about it from here today!  Tell me, what's going on in your neck of the woods???  Blessings, Becky


bennie and patsy said...

I sure hope Linda will do good.We have snow on it's way and it is just to cold.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Finally, someone else who considers squirrel to be rodents. I have little love for either creature after dealing with both in the attic years ago.
A birthday picnic sounds lovely for your Mom's 80th birthday.

K-Sue said...

Praying for Miss Linda.

The surprise BD party sounds great! Good thing Mama doesn't tune in to your blog :)

Fay said...

My neck of the woods is freezing too. I'm like the girls and have been staying wrapped up in layers. I have so many clothes on I feel like a stuffed sausage. We may even get snow flurries tonight. I have one of those big fat rodents in my back yard at my bird feeder and I swear I thought I saw a hawk back there one day.

aimee said...

i will pray for her. it is amazing the difference in our weather. it was hot here in riverside,ca today.
i think a pic nic is a great idea. even having friends over for a birthday cake and coffee celebration.