Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two for Tuesday - Snacks

This is an unpaid review of products I love.  Frito Lay and Tastefully Simple do not know me or even know I exist.  I just love these products, and want to share the love with you folks!


I don't buy a lot of snack foods as a usual rule.  When we travel or go camping I usually carry a good selection, but here at home, one of two things happens with snack foods:
  1. We (most likely hubby) eat every crumb and want more, and we really don't need to do that, or
  2. We eat a little bit and 2 months later I find the half empty, opened and stale package and throw it in the trash.
But a couple of weekends ago I sent hubby to the grocery to pick up some milk and juice, and suggested he pick up something snacky for the weekend.  He came home with a bag of these . . .

Now, let me say - I would not have even looked twice at these, and I would have been wrong, very wrong!!!

These are the best tortilla chips I've ever found outside a Mexican restaurant, and better than some I've found inside a Mexican restaurant.  In fact, last Saturday we went riding and I snacked on some of these in the car, then later that evening we visited a local Mexican restaurant, and their chips were not nearly this good!  I actually briefly considered running out to the car and grabbing the bag and taking it in to enjoy with their good salsa and cheese dip!  (Please note, I decided that would be tacky an in poor taste, so I refrained!)  These chips are light and crispy and lightly salted - just enough - and they have a great corn taste.

I would never have picked up a package of these chips, mainly because they were most likely more expensive than my usual Tostitos brand, and also I'm not impressed by the use of the word 'organic' on a package.  Organic doesn't necessarily mean more healthy (or healthful) it just means it was grown without chemicals.  Corn chips fried in oil are still corn chips fried in oil any way you look at it!  But for now, the corn chips I'll be picking up at the grocery store are Tostitos Natural!  They really are delicious!!!

Now, that said about the chips, I also want to share with you the best salsa I've ever had, and I made it right in my kitchen!  Tastefully Simple is a company that specializes in food mixes that you can make at  home.  They have representatives who will host a party in your home, demostrate, give out samples, and try to sell these products.  I have never hosted or been to a party, but a neighbor used to sell the products and I found out about it through her.  For the salsa, you take a can of diced (preferably petite diced) tomatos and mix in a tablespoon or two of this . . .

If you have time, make it a couple of days before you'll be eating it, and store it in an airtight container in the fridge.  That will allow all those flavors to mix and meld and get all yummy.  And yummy, it is - inexpensive, it's not, but a jar will last a good while, and it's still less than buying some of the 'gourmet' refrigerated salsas you can find.  It's good stuff!  I've also been known to pour a bit of this into a pot of soup or chili, and never been disappointed.

Okay, that's my 2FT - tell me about your favorite snacks!!!  Blessings folks, Becky

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K-Sue said...

Yum! I'll have to try those. I would not have thought a salsa mix would be good, but now I want to try it out.