Friday, January 29, 2010

Shopping The Sales - Grocery Sales, That Is!!!

Yesterday I made a run to my favorite local Kroger supermarket.  I really didn't need anything, but Kroger had a great sale this week, and I wanted to take advantage and stock up on a few things.  It was what they called their 'Mega' event and when you buy 10 qualifying items you get $5 off your bill, or 50 cents off per item.  I also had some pretty good coupons for a few of the items that were on sale, which made for even better 'per item' prices.  Here area few of the things I bought this trip . . .

And yes, these are actually some of the more 'junky' foods that I usually buy, but we would probably have done without them if they hadn't been on a great sale!  Let's start with the item on the bottom - Sargento Swiss Cheese.  Normally I would have bought Kroger brand Swiss cheese because it's just as good, and less expensive.  But not in this case . . .

Regular price    $3.99
Sale price         $1.99
Mega Sale Discount   $.50
Coupon            $  .50
Double Coupon $  .50

I paid - $.49 - a savings of $3.50 or 87.7%

Next up, Kraft Cheddar Cheese.  I've said it on here before, and I'll definitely say it again  -  I PREFER Kroger brand cheddar cheese to Kraft - GASP!!!  I never thought I would say that, because for many years all I would buy was Kraft, but when I tried Kroger one time I was SOLD!  But, if the price is right, I'll go back to Kraft.  Here we go . . .

Regular price    $3.29
Sale Price          $1.49
Mega Sale Discount $.50
Coupon $ 1.00 for 2, (or $.50 per block)

I paid $0.49 - a savings of $2.80 or 85.1%

Do I have you interested yet???  Let's look at the Tostitos, and NO! these are not my new faves, but I yesterday I made the disturbing discovery that my Kroger doesn't sell those chips - {sigh}.  Anyway, with the sale and my coupon, it was worth the down grade to these chips. 

Regular price $3.85

Sale Price $2.88
Mega Sale Discount $.50
Coupon $ 1.00

I paid $1.38 - a savings of $2.47 or 64.2%

And the crackers.  I don't buy these often, but next weekend is the big (not!) Super Bowl Sunday, and I thought we'd want some snacks.  Hubby will be watching the game, I'll be in my studio making cards and watching anything but the big game!  So, here goes . . .

Since the crackers cost different prices, but were on sale and I had a coupon for $1 off of two boxes, here's how I look at the breakdown . . .

Ritz -
Regular Price   $2.75
Sale Price     $2.49
Mega Sale Discount  $0.50
Coupon  $1.00

I paid $0.99, a savings of $1.76 or 64%

Triscuit Thin Crisps -
Regular price    $2.49
Sale price     $2.19
Mega Sale Discount  $0.50

I paid $1.69, a savings of $0.80 or 32%

And last but not least, let's look at the chicken patties.  I keep these on hand because they are used in one of our favorite meals; one that is very easy and takes only 30 to 40 minutes start to finish to make!  Do any of you remember the old Sizzler restaurants???  Not Western Sizzler - that is totally different, but Sizzler was in the Atlanta area from the early 80's through early to mid 90's.  We LOVED Sizzler's Malibu Chicken, and I worked and worked until I got the sauce down, and now I make it myself. 

(Bonus recipe:  Malibu Chicken - cook patties according to directions - I use oven directions.  When done, top with sliced ham and then Swiss cheese.  Put under the broiler and let the cheese get melted and bubbly.  Make a dipping sauce - 2 TBLSP Mayo, 2 TBLSP horseradish SAUCE (not prepared horseradish) and mustard to taste. You are done!  I serve this with savory chicken veggie rice (homemade), sweet peas or green beans, and one of my favorite veggies, beets cooked in a bit of brown sugar and margarine.  I promise - 30 to 40 minutes start to finish!)

Regular price    $7.49
Sale price    $4.49
Mega Sale Discount  $0.50
Coupon  $1.00

I paid $2.99, or a savings of $4.50 or 60%

I had a budget this week of $60 - 70, and yes, I went over a bit.  My total bill was $71.47, and I went over because I decided at the last minute to buy a rotisserie chicken for dinner last night.  I saved (using coupons and sales) $47.14.  In other words, I got $118.61 worth of groceries for $71.47, and that's a savings of almost 40%.  Just because I took a few minutes to shop the sales flyer and clip a few coupons, I got so much more for my money.

Now, I understand that this may not work for you and your family, but for my family, it works great!  One difference may be our cooking styles.  I use few pre-made foods, but cook a lot from scratch, and not a lot of people do that these days. 

Do you remember last Feb/March when I did my big stocking up?  We bought meats and staples (flour, meal, sugar, oil) and canned goods and it has worked GREAT!!!  In fact, in the next few weeks I'll be doing it all over again.  I've learned a few things, so I'll be getting less of some things and more of others, but that's a good thing. 

Bottom line for me, second after the money we've saved, is the great feeling I get when I notice my pantry in the kitchen is looking a bit thin, to be able to run out into the garage on the shelves or in the freezers and go shopping in my own store, and not have to worry about 'running out' the 8-10 miles to the nearest supermarket for just one or two items.

So, tell me how you save money on your grocery bills!  What is your favorite store?  Do you use store brands?  Do you clip coupons?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Blessings, Becky

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