Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts . . .

Well, tomorrow is the big day! A day which centers around gratitude, giving thanks, being with family and friends, and eating turkey! Oh, and don't let's forget about all the other stuff like dressing, gravy, veggies, desserts, and the ever present cranberries!

Today Mama and I made the chocolate delight pie, deviled eggs, bourbon glazed carrots, watergate salad (that's all your fault, Mildred!), cranberry congealed salad and cooked the chicken parts for the gravy and dressing. I've also got 'Hortensia' brining in a cooler on the back porch. What! Don't you ever name your Thanksgiving turkeys???

But besides the food, Thanksgiving is about doing just that . . . giving thanks. Here are a few of the things I am most thankful for this year:

  • my salvation and a loving, forgiving God
  • my sweet hubby, my hero, my love, and my best friend - all rolled up in one person!
  • my Mama and her continued health
  • that my Daddy is no longer suffering, but celebrating Thanksgiving every day in God's presence!
  • for the blessing of living in America - still a country that believes in freedom and the right to believe as we choose.
  • for every single American soldier who is now, or ever has stood to represent those of us at home who can't!
  • for my home, that it is water tight and warm and comfortable for us and for any who enter in it's doors.
  • for my little girlies - Bailey and Bessie - and for all the joy they bring to me on a daily basis.
  • for friends and family who I don't see as often as I would like, but who hold special places in my heart.
  • for my health, and my hubby's
  • and for this blogging world, and all you sweet folks who fill my life every day with a creative and social outlet.

I am truly blessed, and I know I am, and give thanks to my Father in heaven for all the gifts he has bestowed on me.

May you each and every one have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Becky


aimee said...

praying you have a wonderful thanksgiving. the food sounds great! id love to know what a watergate salad is?

Anonymous said...

What a lovely Thanksgiving post Becky. We wish you and your husband and your Mama a very special Thanksgiving Day. And special wishes for Bessie and Bailey too! Enjoy decorating for Christmas - I think it's supposed to be cold & windy, perfect for decorating! Enjoy the Watergate salad!