Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hints . . .

We're HOME!!! Didn't know I'd been gone for a week, now did you! Hubby, Mama and I left last Saturday for a week's vacation, and the last 3 posts were pre-scheduled before we left! Now, wanna know where we've been??? Well, here are a few hints that will have to hold you until I have time to do a real post . . . .

  • south of here ('here' is northern Georgia)
  • water, water, everywhere!
  • lots of history, culture and fun
  • lots of good food
  • walks on the beach on a nearby island
  • a famous Food Network star lives and works right in the town where we stayed (and we met and talked to some of their family, also Food Network 'stars')
  • it's one of my favorite vacation destinations!

That's all you are getting right now, but as soon as I get Mama back to her home tomorrow and start trying to make a dent on the mountains of laundry filling our hallway, I'll get back with you and tell you all about it!

Blessings folks! Becky

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Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

B ~Sounds Like you guys had a blast!! Oooh! that's so cool that you met you know who!!! I know where you were but I'm not telling! LOL

Blessings ~ T