Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Savannah Trip - Tuesday and Wednesday

We decided to make Tuesday a kind of lazy day. Hubby and Mama ran up to a pier to try to fish, but other folks made it hard for them, even made it clear they weren't welcome, so they weren't gone long. While they were gone I got a shower, did a bit of housekeeping and then got out my Trikke. One of the reasons I love this campground so much is that there are 2-3 miles of paved roads that have very little traffic - just perfect for Trikke-ing. I probably rode between 16 and 18 miles during the week we were there, and rode every day except Saturday when we were packing up to come home. I had so much fun doing that, and I'll say once again . . . "I LOVE MY TRIKKE!!!".

We had a snack lunch at the camper and decided we wanted veggies for dinner. Oglethorpe Mall is only a few miles away, so we went to the Piccadilly Cafeteria in the mall. It was okay. Nothing wonderful, nothing horrible, just a decent meal for a decent price.

While Tuesday was kind of laid back and lazy, Wednesday was fun and delicious! We left the campground around 10 am because we were going downtown and wanted to get there early and get our name in for a table at The Lady and Sons - Paula Deen's restaurant. Hubby and I have been there once and it was delicious, but this trip was for Mama! Once we got within sight of the building I sent hubby on to put our name in the pot - it was 10:35 and they had two choices: 11 am or 1 pm! Other than that they were booked, so hubby took the 11 am seating.

We waited outside for about 30 minutes and then were told to go to the third floor, seated and then greeted by our server, Adam. He brought our drinks and we told him we would have the buffet. That day they had fried chicken, baked chicken, a pasta with ham, chicken and sausage, lima beans, green beans, black eyed peas, mashed potatoes and gravy, collard greens, sweet potatoes, cabbage, creamed corn, mac and cheese and a salad bar. I may have forgotten something, but you get the idea! OH, and they bring you biscuits and cornbread 'hoe cakes' to the table. We ate and ate and ate! When it was time for dessert the choices were peach cobbler, banana pudding and gooey butter cake with chocolate chips, which I chose - and it was so good, and sooo rich! Hubby wolfed down the cobbler so fast I don't even know if he tasted it, but Mama had the banana pudding and told Adam (server) it tasted just like hers! Mama has prided herself on her homemade banana pudding for years, so that was high praise indeed!

As we were eating Adam told us the Deen boys were downstairs in the gift shop for a 'meet and greet'. Paula was at her home on Wilmington Island filming for her Food Network show. When I finished dinner I left Mama and Hubby and went down to get in what I assumed would be a long line for the Deen boys - NOT! Just a few people, so I waited and waited for them (Mama and Hubby) to come down and join me so we could go meet 'the boys'. After quite a while I went back upstairs and met them as they were leaving. Mama was so happy! Adam had given her two Paula Deen ink pens - one for each of us - and told her to please not let anybody see them, because everyone would want one, but we were special!

So we went down and met Jamie and Bobby Deen. They were so gracious and sweet and genuine and really sweet with Mama because sometimes she gets the shows mixed up, but her heart is in the right place. Paula, you raised your boys good! Be sure to watch the first slide show below because there's a picture of the four of us at the end!

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After lunch we left downtown Savannah behind and headed for Tybee Island. The day was warm and sunny, and the tide was out, so we had a wonderful walk on the beach. There was a dolphin feeding between the end of the pier and the beach in shallow water, and we stood and watched it for a long time before heading back to the car.

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And the final really fun time of the day - for me at least - was hubby agreeing to take me to Bonaventure Cemetery so I could take pictures. It's a gorgeous park-like setting on the Wilmington River. There are very, very old family plots there, with fences and gates and camellia and azalea bushes galore and this is all overshadowed by the huge oak trees draped in spanish moss. I took quite a few pics, and have done my favorites in sepia tones because they just seem to fit so well. Here, take a look!

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I hope you've enjoyed this installment! I'll have the remainder in the next day or two, and be looking for one of my favorite recipes coming soon! Blessings friends, Becky


Anonymous said...

What pretty scenery and the weather looked perfect at Tybee Island. What a peaceful place to escape to. I've never been to Paula's restaurant but my brother had the buffet and said it was delicious. He liked her banana pudding too! I look forward to you sharing more. The photos are really good.

K-Sue said...

It's been YEARS since I was in Savannah - I think well before Paula Deen had her own place. It was fun seeing the pictures. I have never been out to Tybee Island.

My first visit to Savannah was in January - 3 days of cold rain, on the riverfront. I'm glad you all had such pretty weather.

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

B, What a Gorgeous Vacation you had!!! Food sounds very yummy! Whew! You got awful close to that one Dean Boy! Paula's Boys sure are handsome! What fun! You look so teeny tiny next to them!

I love that smile box picture thing!

Blessings ~ T