Monday, December 8, 2008

An Apron Giveaway You Say???

YES! This neat blog I just found called "Maple Lane" is giving away a gorgeous apron (red with white polka dots!) and I'm entering - how about you??? Now I have quite a collection of vintage and newer aprons, and this one would look just precious on the rooster rack in my farmhouse kitchen with lots of red, mustard yellow, blue and white. Here's pic of what's on it now >>>

The yellow one at far left is one I bought at the "Farm Chicks" booth at the 2007 Country Living Fair in Ohio. The red sunbonnet one, and the two bibbed ones that are barely visiblewere in a box lot of linens I bought at Freehome Auction for a couple of dollars a few years ago. The pink one came from an antique store, I think in Warm Springs,GA, and the patchwork one on far right is from a yard sale just up the road from a lady who was in a square dancing group! It is hand pieced.

Now these two pics are of the 'laundry line' in our laundry 'closet'. The ceiling in there was high, and the shelf is a great place for storage, but the closet needed a little something, so I hung some of my aprons to look like a line of laundry. Please excuse the mess - this IS after all a working/functional (and busy right now) laundry room!

The blue cross stitched one was a gift from a precious little old lady at our former church one Christmas. She decided the preschool Sunday School teachers didn't get enough appreciation, and gave several of us a goodie bag of her treasures. I still love Miss Lucy Nell and her sister Miss Floy, even though I haven't seen them in over 5 years. I couldn't tell you where got the pink to the right, but the blue two layered one was a gift from my friend, Fay. And the pink bag was a laundry bag that was also in the box lot I bought at the auction. Oh, and see - I told you this is a real working laundry!

The orange checked apron you can barely see for the boxes is one I bought at a yard sale for next to nothing, and the blue gingham one at far right I've had so long I can't remember where it came from any more.

So, as you can see, I love, LOVE aprons, and would love to win that sassy one over at Maple Lane. Everyone have a great day! Blessings, Becky

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