Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Verses

I have a very special friend named Teresa. She lives hundreds of miles from here, and we met through an online recipe forum. I've not yet met her in person, but hope to meet her someday here on earth. But I feel sure if that doesn't happen, we'll meet in heaven one day, and we'll know each other instantly! She's such a sweetie, and is frequently sending me a prayer or poem she found somewhere. Following are two such poems she shared with me today. Blessings T, and thank you!

The Sights And Sounds Of Christmas

The sound of joyful church bells
Heard from a distant hill,
A warm and cozy fireside
To chase the winter's chill.

The jingle of the sleigh bells,
A Christmas candle's glow,
The cherished celebrations
Each heart has come to know.
A child's anticipation
As he peers beneath the tree,
And finds the gift he asked for
When he sat on Santa's knee.

The sights and sounds of Christmas
Woefully will depart,
But the wondrous love of Jesus
Can remain within each heart.

—Catherine Janssen Irwin

Everywhere Christmas

Peace on earth—
It's Christmas;
Silent is the night.

All about
the beauty—
Earth is dressed in white.

Hear the angels—
Songs are in the air.

Wide eyes shine in wonder—
It's Christmas everywhere.

—Joan Stephen
One more thing - I resisted addng music to my blog for a long time, but decided to add some Chrstmas music. How do you like it? Had you rather have music, or not have music? Please let me know what YOU think! I'd really like t know. Blessings friends! Becky


Ladybug in TN said...

Good Morning!
Enjoyed the music. I like just music and not singing on pages as I have to concentrate on what I am reading. However, I am old remember! LOl
The recipe sounds delightful.
Your page always brings a smile and warm fuzzies to the heart.

in Him,

T in MD said...

You know I have this feeling that we will definitely meet here on this earth before we meet again in Heaven!! & I think it will be in our favorite place...The Mountains somewhere!!! & I think it will be as if we had known each other all of our lives!! Love you Dear Friend! Teresa
P.S. Love the Music!!! Just Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Love the music.Thanks for the recipes. Enjoy Hearth and Home.