Monday, December 29, 2008

Dream House

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful, magical, reverant, fun-filled, delicious Christmas!!! I did, lol! We declared this to be a drama-free holiday, and it was just that - peaceful, delightful! Hubby out-did himself, and I hope to show you pics of some of my gifts from him soon.

I just found this great blog called Blondie 'N' SC and about the third post down, she showed pictures of her dream house, and asked her readers to tell about their dream house. In my minds eye, and in my heart, there's only one kind of house for me - a farmhouse. Here's what I wrote in my comment to her post:

"My dream house is a farmhouse (old or new made to look old - doesn't matter!) sitting on a short bank reinforced with local stones, covered with thrift in the spring and shadowed by large oak trees, surrounded by hydrangea, lilacs and foxgloves.

The house itself has long, deep porches with little nooks and crannies in which to hide on a hot sunny day, and sunny places to visit on cold days, and a swing to sit in on rainy days and listen to rain on the tin roof.

Inside there are wide plank floors, exposed wooden joists in the ceiling, whitewashed. A large, cozy living room, dining space between it and the somewhat open kitchen - with room for a large round table, lots of mis-matched chairs and a huge white hutch to hold dishes and treasures.

The kitchen is farmhouse style, with plenty of cabinet space and countertops, a huge pantry in which to store all my pots, pans, appliances, deep freeze, etc. Large appliances disguised with beadboard panels, a baking station, an island with room to roam, and a cozy 'keeping room' in a corner with just a low table and a couple of cozy chairs (and windows looking out on the herb garden and bird feeders).

The bedrooms are cozy and light. Bathrooms are nice, but simple and not over-done.

And in the attic, among the eaves, there's a large room with white painted floors and lots of windows, cabinets, countertops, tons of storage and every crafting and office item on my extensive wish list.

That's my dream house!"

So, you tell me - are you living in your dream house, planning and about to move in, or like me, is it still just a dream? I want to know what YOUR dream house is like! Blessings, Becky!


Tara said...

What a surprise, thanks for sharing with your readers Becky! Someday our dreams might come true!! :)


Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Becky!

Yep, lol, that about does it, you just described my dream house too :) !! I love my house, but I don't live on more than a half an acre. I would love 10 more :) oh yes, and a bigger home too :) A Farm house has always been my dream!! So I try and incorporate as many farm house elements into mine, including 2 dogs and 3 kids :) But Id like to add the horses and chickens, I just havent figured out how to tell the neighbors yet :) lol

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments too! Stop by anytime, I adore yours too!!

Happy New Year!

Hugs, Cynthia

Judy said...

I still have dreams of my "Dream Home" but am retired and living in a high-rise for age 62 and older.

I still have my dream, though:

It is a farm house sitting back from a long, winding two-track driveway, with 20 acres.

It has a barn of course, where I have two horses! A couple of cats and a dog, too! :)

There's a beautiful lake in back of the house, just over the hill.

The sun sets there's everynight, and I sit there quietly in my chair, reflecting upon the day that has went by. :)

(I'm a new reader to your blog, and love it.)


English Cottage in Georgia said...

Oh Becky,
What fun!
You are giving me a chance to fantasize out loud. I once wanted an old house out in the country. Now that I older country life seems awfully demanding.
I am in my almost dream house. It is an old house in a small town. It would be my absolute dream if it had an extra bath to serve a bedroom upstairs. AND the old kitchen were remodelled.
After reading about your dream house, I was ready to move:-)