Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Gifts From Every Direction!

Happy Monday!  I know I haven't been around in a while, but I've suffered a terrible blow this last few days!  A terrible virus has destroyed two computers AND my external hard drive for backups, so I lost everything computer related!  I now have a new laptop and am back in business, but it's been quite an emotional weekend.  But!  I refuse to allow that evil, wicked, mean-spirited JOY STEALER steal MY joy!  So I am working hard at remaining positive and joyful.  That's what my favorite scripture says, and what I try to do . . . BE JOYFUL ALWAYS!!!

So, here I am!  And also, here is Genie!

I met Genie through the A Swap For All Seasons fabric collage swap, and she was my partner!  And now she is going to join my 'Litle Gifts' Campaign!  Please join me in welcoming her by visiting her blog and leaving her a comment.  I am sure she would appreciate it!

Now that I've got the virus out of here and a new computer, I hope to be back with regular posts again.  As for today, I've GOT to go clean up the kitchen and straighten up this messy house!  Be back soon, and remember . . . BE JOYFUL ALWAYS!!!     Blessings, Becky



Glad your computer issues are all done and life is back to "normal"
deb :)

Val said...

Oh I just hate viruses and computer trouble. I am so glad that you are back!!!! I will head over to Genie's blog when I have a little more time to read later on today.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are up and running with a new laptop. You'll have to share a photo of your pretty Spring flag! By the way, when we left our old home, your Dad's Lenten roses were blooming!

K-Sue said...

It's fun meeting your new "little Gifts" friends.