Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Tale of Two People . . .

There was once a young woman of 32 years who was lonely and needed a special someone in her life. She went to a special place, filled out lots of forms, handed over more money than she could afford to a place that promised to introduce her to suitable young men.

Over the next few months the young woman met several very nice young fellows, but no one was 'the one'. There was one young man who didn't call for a long time, but one day he decided to give it a shot and called the young woman. They made a date for the following Sunday. Due to circumstances beyond the young woman's control, she had to postpone the date to the following Thursday. April 11, 1984. That was the day when she would meet the young man who turned out to be 'the one'.

Within weeks the young man had professed his love for the young woman, and not long after she professed her love for the young man. They had a wonderful time together, and on December 30th, 1984 the young man asked the young woman to be his wife. On July 20th, 1985 the young couple was married at the church the young woman had attended since childhood, surrounded by family and friends.

(Photo taken around 1988)

Being married in July, differences in cold sensitivity didn't matter, but come winter's cold weather things began to get a little sticky. The young man was very hot natured and the young woman was cold natured. The man didn't care for a lot of covers, but the woman liked a LOT of nice snuggly blankets. A struggle ensued. Eventually the young woman bought a heating pad for her cold natured feet, and things got better. Marriage, after all, IS about give and take.

Years later, the woman heard of a new product on the market called a 'bed buddy', and she rushed out to find - and buy - one at her earliest convenience. Now here was something useful! A sock-like tube filled with rice that you could heat in the microwave and use in the bed for stiff muscles or . . . cold feet! This was heaven! And no more forgetting to turn off the heating pad!

Eventually the purchased bed buddy wore out, so the woman decided she could make her own, and took a cotton tube sock, filled it with rice and tied a knot in the end. It worked great! And each fall the woman would make a new one for the coming winter. No more cold feet - ever!

Years later, the young woman decided she could make a 'pretty' bed buddy, and worked on perfecting her own version, which she called a 'Foot Warmer'. Here is a picture of the one she has made for this winter . . .

It is about 5 1/2 inches by 11 inches and is made of vintage (1960's - 70's) cotton flannel, lined with vintage cotton sheeting. One end is sewn on the outside so that when necessary the stitches can be taken out, the old rice thrown away, the bag washed and dried, new rice put inside, sewn back together and used many more times.

And since the now, not so young woman liked hers so much, she has decided to put one almost just like it in her Etsy shop so that someone else can discover the joy of no longer having cold feet!

Blessings folks! Becky


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, What a cute post and a great foot warmer! I love the photo of you two and I surely sympathize with not only cold feet but hands! You sure are talented and I love the use of the vintage fabrics. I received your sweet note today. Your friendship is certainly a blessing. I think it is getting cooler tonight after all the rain - I bet the leaf colors will be pretty this weekend. Take care.

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

B,What an adorable picture of the two of you!! Love that cute story too! You are so creative & always full of great ideas! Very pretty fabric!
Are you using your yet? Its turned pretty chilly here! Down in the 40's tonight.. Brrr & lots of rain for tomorrow.. That big pot of soup hit the spot! Hope you are warm & cozy! ~ Blessings ~ T

K-Sue said...

I just went back and read your love story. I love it that he seemed to just not be able to get rid of that piece of paper. God in that, right? The bed buddy sounds good for people in cold locales. I hope it sells well for you.

Karen said...

What a cute photo you the young woman and the young man! and a good story to go with. I love that foot warmer, and like it even more that it is re-usable. Good work!

aimee said...

how sweet :) i enjoyed my visit. take care my friend,