Thursday, October 1, 2009

Exploring . . .

Mama is here. Yesterday I ran down . . . well, drove down to her home @ 100 miles from here and brought her back up to join us for the rest of the week. Today we went rambling. In my usual fashion, I tried using my inner GPS system to get us from point A to point B without having a clue if you could do that or not. You can't, but the ride was lovely any way!

When we finally got back on track we took Wayah Road, which runs between Highway 64 near Franklin, NC and Highway 74/19/129 between Andrews, NC and Bryson City, NC. It's a beautiful, curvy, windy, steep climbing mountain road that goes past Nantahala Lake and along the Nantahala River.

We stopped for a picnic lunch at the Rocky Branch boat ramp along the way. There are no picnic tables, but we made our sandwiches out of the back of my car (2001 Honda CRV) and ate sitting on the long dock that runs down to the lake. Here's mama sitting there just after she had finished her lunch >>>

Sorry the picture is so bad, but the sun was bright and reflecting off the wood of the dock.

Nantahala Lake was formed by the construction of the dam in the early 1940's. The dam is built of rock fill with a clay core, is 250 feet high and 1,130 feet wide at it's base. Near the start of World War II, the Nantahala Hydroelectric Project was initiated. It's purpose was to supply Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America) with the electricity needed to produce aluminum for use in building airplanes for the war effort. The Nantahala Hydroelectric Project was once the target of German spies.

Now the lake's shores are lined with houses of all shapes and sizes, and boat docks. Many of the homes are large and beautiful, some barely more than a fishing shanty.

As I walked along the shore I found one small section that was just littered with tiny snail type shells. They were about the size of a man's shirt button. Later, when I walked up to the signs and began reading about the lake, I found that the snails are called 'noonday globes' and this is the only place in the world where they are found!

Interesting info about the lake and dam >>>

After we left our picnic spot, we followed the river as it made it's way downstream from the lake. We stopped at a couple of places to have a look at the water, which was higher than usual due to all the recent rains.

I love the mountain laurel and moss covered tree trunks.

And the native ferns growing on the rocks along the roadside.

And all the rapidly moving water.

It was a fun day, and Mama saw an area she had never seen before. When we got back to the camper, she got her fishing equipment out and got ready for some fishing tomorrow morning. I love this picture I took of her as she worked.

There is rain coming in tomorrow night, but just small showers late in the afternoon/evening. and Saturday and Sunday should be nice. Not much more planned, but you never know . . . we may just climb in the car, throw in the cooler and go for another ride!

Blessings friends! Becky


K-Sue said...

Sounds great! I'm glad you all are relaxing. What a beautiful area that is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, What a pretty area and today's weather was just about perfect. Great photos of your Mom. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your trip. Take care!
(that's funny that you and your Mom know Ann) small world!