Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quick Update

Good Morning! Just wanted to post a quick update on my dad. He's doing much better, and may possibly get to go home today. We'll find out more when we get up there later this morning.

Thanks once again for all your prayers and encouraging words!!! This is very hard, because we know that each of these episodes brings us closer to the 'last' episode. His body is worn out, and slowly giving out. Pure will, determination, stubbornness or whatever you want to call it has kept him going this long. We will eventually get to where the drugs don't work any more, or they are causing damage to other weakened parts.

My dad has been called a 'living legend' by several of his doctors. For those of you who don't understand 'doctor language', that means they no longer know what to do with him! He has outlived any expectations and surprised us all!

Well, I need to get a bath, dressed and out of here. I'll keep you posted! B.


Anonymous said...

Thankful to God for the improvement in your Dad. Take care of yourself too and let us hear from you later.

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

B, That is such great news about your Dad! I hope he will be able to come home & you can get some rest this weekend! God Bless ~ T

K-Sue said...

I;m glad to hear your positive, though realistic words. Praying your experience today will be good.