Sunday, July 26, 2009

Making Over On A Budget!

Hi Folks! Do you remember this fountain??? Earlier in the summer it was on my front porch with sparkling glass stones inside and water trickling over the pineapple and off the little points beneath it.

Well, before long, the pump died (it was about 4 years old, so it was time!), and before I knew it had died, mosquitoes made a breeding ground out of the bit of water left inside. As you can also see, some of the outer covering was peeling off too, so, I emptied it, washed it, and left it to dry while I decided what to do with it.

I talked it over with my hubby, and we agreed that we could better afford a can of spray paint for about $5 than we could a new pump for, oh, maybe $20. In it's new life, it would be a birdbath! So I went on a shopping mission to find just the right paint.

I finally found it! Fusion paint (for plastics) in a 'brown hammered metallic' tone. But that poor fountain sat there, in the yard where I left it for, oh, about three weeks - yikes~!! But the other day inspiration struck, so I grabbed the can of paint and a scrub brush, and went outside. I scrubbed the loose paint and dirt off the outside, wiped it down well, and began to paint.

May I just say that I love it so much more in it's new life!!! Here, take a look for yourself!

The color isn't brown at all, but more of a light, silvery~goldy bronze. And it does have, when looking at it up close, a nice little hammered look to it. Right now I have it in the cleome jungle, but I'm not sure I'll leave it there for long.

Don't you just love it! The color is perfect amidst all the green, pink, purple, whites and yellows in the garden. And it was taken from kind of ugly to absolutely lovely with one can of paint.

And not even a whole can of paint! I had enough left over to paint this French flower bucket I bought at Restoration Hardware on clearance years ago >>>

AND, this planter that I bought at a yard sale a while back for $1, and it's new! (Love those deals!) >>>

Of course I couldn't stop at one can of paint - I had to pull out another can - this time periwinkle blue! Do you see that old plant stand??? The one that is now periwinkle??? I bought that at a yard sale, oh, probably 8-10 years ago and it was an ugly over-painted gold. I used it in the dining room at our old place. When we moved here, almost 6 years ago, it went into the garage, and that's where it's stayed. Now it has a new home here on the front porch.

I think it looks pretty good, what do you think? The periwinkle pops with the yellow walls, pink and white flowers and green foliage.

And I re-positioned all the potted plants on and around it - without the fountain this time. I just love that pop of color!

I also cleaned off the old TV tray, put on a new-old chicken feed sack cloth and set it up where we can play our new hobby - chess - out on the front porch.

I put an old wood step-stool behind it and put the magazines and citronella candle there. Mosquitoes just LOVE me, so I have to have something to ward them off!

So that was my makeover day, and the whole thing cost me about $10 - 11, just for the two cans of spray paint. You don't have to have a lot of money to make things nice! Just use a little creativity and a couple of cans of spray paint, and you've got a re-do!

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Have a great day, folks!!! Blessings, Becky


aimee said...

im first to comment! i love what you did to the fountain.perfect paint color. you are so right it is better than before and you did a great job painting it. i do love the arrangement of flowers to. you are right again it does pop :)

Anonymous said...

I love the fountain paint choice. Amazing how fresh paint can make something new again. Your porch looks very inviting and a great place to view your lovely flowers.

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh yes! A makeover! Much prettier as a birdbath...I think! I've never tried that paint, but I sure will now.


Jeanneoli said...

Great makeover! It is amazing what a can of paint can do!!!

My name is Teresa said...

Very Beautiful B! & I love that fusion paint! Sticks to everything! Love the color you chose! The planter & plant stand look really pretty too! & I love your front porch & how you have it set up! Big Hugs ~ T

K-Sue said...

Love it! Isn't spray paint addictive (maybe it's the fumes)? I've used the Hammered-look once, and loved it.

Nell Jean said...

All your makeovers look terrific, and on a budget, too!

Love the trinkets in your giveaway, but didn't sign up as I'm at the stage where I'm wondering what to do with all the trinkets here. Award them to someone who'll enjoy to receive them as I was thrilled just to view them.

tara said...

loving the new color of the fountain...gorgeous! I also love the feed sack you used to cover the table so you can play chess, my new obsession resides in feed sacks...silly I know! XO

Leslie said...

I have heard of fusion paint but haven't tried it yet, now I want to. The color is perfect. I like all the other things you spruced up too.