Monday, July 13, 2009

Modern Day Power, and a Bit of History!

This past Sunday my sweet hubby wanted to get me out of the house for a while. In the past week and a half, I'd spent two days caring for my parents while my dad was in the hospital, been in bed sick with a sinus infection, and went to my doctor's office to visit the nurse practitioner to get antibiotics. From Friday before last until Sunday I had been out of the yard once - period. So we decided to go riding.

A few months ago we stumbled across an interesting area we wanted to explore, but they were deluged with torrential rains that day, so we didn't even get out of the car. So, we headed back to that little out of the way corner of the world.

First up, Plant Bowen - a Georgia Power coal powered electricity plant. It's really odd to see those huge smokestacks and cooling towers so close to the road. Close enough you could hear the water running through the cooling towers!

Look below. Do you see those brown triangles above the green hedges? Inside the 'cage', behind the triangles, that is water running down the inside of the cooling tower. It sounded like a flood of water!

The train engines that pulled in the coal that powers the plant.

The coal - a mountain of it - that powers the plant. As a matter of fact, as we were leaving the area, we saw another train of around 105 cars full of coal heading to the plant.

This huge pipe was sitting right on the side of the road. It looked to be probably 2-3 stories tall.

We're not sure, but we think that the huge pipe will be attached right there. I'd love to see that juggling act!

Another, closer view of one of the cooling towers.

Now, I said the plant, cooling towers and all were right on the side of the road, and I meant it! The sign in the picture above was probably 75 feet or so from where we were. You just don't expect to find something like that out in the middle of Georgia farmland! I tried to copy and paste info from a website to share with you, but for some reason couldn't get it to work. SO! Since I couldn't get it to work, you can find out more about Plant Bowen, you can check HERE.

From Plant Bowen, you follow the same road, take a pretty sharp left hand curve, and in about . . . oh, probably 1 1/2 to 2 miles, you'll come upon Euharlee. Yep that's pronounced U-harlee. It's a tiny old town on Euharlee Creek.

For me, the highlight of the tiny town is the old covered bridge > > >

Look at those wooden pegs >>>

Of course in addition to the bridge there is a small history museum, an exhibit with an old civil war kettle and the cannon ball below. There's also an old grocery store, granary (below) and the travelers well.

It's a neat place for picnics and family reunions, and a cool place to play in the creek. To find out more, please check out the Cartersville, GA Convention and Visitors Bureau website. Thanks for going on our little trip with us!

I probably will not do a Tasty Thursday this week as I have a Dr. appointment and some errands with my dad on Thursday. (He had 'an episode' this morning in the wee hours, but he seemed to be fine the rest of the day.) But I will be sharing Blazing Star and pink hardy Hibiscus blooms with you on Friday.

Blessings friends! Becky


K-Sue said...

The geek in me loves the trip to the power plant. The old-fashioned Georgia native in me loves the trip to the covered bridge. Thanks for sharing.

Your husband obviously takes good care of you.

My name is Teresa said...

Thanks for the field trip Becky! Love Love Love Covered Bridges! Georgia is so Beautiful! ~ T