Friday, April 10, 2009

Floral Friday - Whiteness!

Remember my post earlier in the week where I told you about our short ride through the mountains on Sunday? Well, at the very end of that ride, I got my hubby to stop and park so I could get out and take pictures of an old, abandoned house only a few miles from our home.

I hate seeing old houses abandoned and left to rot! Someone had to have loved these old home places at some time in the past, so where are their descendants??? Where is someone in the community who knows the history of these gems? It's so sad!

Sorry, I didn't mean to vent like that, but it just breaks my heart to see gorgeous old homes decaying, and un-loved!

But just across the street from this lovely old home, an attempt was made at progress. Roads were cut and paved, pipes were laid, lots marked off, and even a lovely rock sign stating the name "Pleasant Manor". But alas, the housing market took a nosedive, and what should have been pleasant, is now bare, neglected, and littered with garbage and silt fence!

All but one tiny spot. Apparently someone made a start at landscaping the front, and planted this gorgeous white azalea.

There is only the one, but it is quite large, and apparently very happy!

A lovely ray of sunlight, caught between the neglected, decaying old home place,

and the neglected, decaying new subdivision.
By the time you read this, odds are that we are on the road, headed for our vacation in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our campground has wifi, so I'll be able to keep in touch.
Have a wonderful weekend, folks!


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful flower!
I always say that all these buildings and abandonned houses could be used to house the homeless instead of rotting away. It's a shame.
Pat xx

Anonymous said...

Very pretty picture! And I know what you mean about old abandoned houses, I feel the same!

I hope you have a good trip, but I mostly hope you are keeping an eye to the sky as they are calling for very severe weather for the area this afternoon (Fri). As I write this, it is in TN heading straight for Chattanooga. Please take care!

After Fri, you should have a marvelous weather weekend. Maybe a little cooler than what they first thought, but sunny all the way! Hope you have a great trip.

(Please report in after Fri's storms to let us know you are okay! Thank you!) -Tish

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Here's hoping for a wonderful get away for you.
I totally agree with you about abandoned homes. If there was something like some I have seen, I would have moved all that I had to claim it.