Friday, April 17, 2009

Floral Friday - A Flower Loving Gardeners Dilemma

Here in northern Georgia, one of the earliest bloomers is the violet.

I love them.

But I hate them.

For the 16 plus years we lived in our former home, I battled the darned things! They take over your lawn until you don't have grass any more! When we moved here to our current home about 5 1/2 years ago, and spent a chunk of money on having an irrigation system and Bermuda sod put in, I vowed to never allow another violet to take root on this property!

But last week, temptation got the better of me, and while at my parents I dug up a few bunches and planted them in my back yard. Now, the back yard is our 'natural' yard, where grass doesn't grow well because of all the shade, and we have left it pretty much as we found it. There are several native species back there - rats bane, Solomons seal, pitcher plants, dog tooth violets and hearts-a-bursting. And we've added a few native azaleas, hostas and astilbe to the mix as well.

So, a few little wild violets can't upset the balance of our back yard. Can they?

You tell me, are they a curse, or a pleasure??? Should I run back there right now, before they have time to take root? Or should I leave them and let nature take it's course?

Oh, the dilemma of a flower loving gardener!

Have a great day! Becky


Valerie said...

I have them too in one of my flower gardens and it drives me crazy until one day I just decided to let it go. I do try not to let it get into the grass though. I know what you mean. I think if it is in a place like you put it, you will enjoy it more. Just let it go as long as it doesn't get into your main yard. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I think they are pretty growing in areas where there is no grass. Such happy little flowers!

Anonymous said...

I say let them go crazy back there! I love those little gals. So pretty and delicate looking yet tough as nails. Kind of like a woman, don't you think?? So, let the little gals go do their thing....keeping them corralled to the back though, of course! LOL! _Tish

K-Sue said...

It sounds wild and beautiful. I say leave 'em. They are prettier than my crab grass.