Friday, April 3, 2009

Doing Well

Hi everyone - just wanted to let you know my dad did well today! He and my mom are home, I'm sitting in my bed with my laptop in my lap and I'm about to go night night - it's been a long day!

Thank you all so much for the prayers and good wishes - once again, they are appreciated more than you know, and their evidence was felt!

My mom gave me my birthday present today - I hope to show it to you in a day or two. A hint - it's an old mini cedar chest (jewelery box) full of old hankies and a few extras. Can't wait to get in there and see what's really inside!

Tomorrow I may go looking for yard sales - not sure yet. I'll let you know if I find anything.

Talk to you later, thanks for visiting, Becky


English Cottage in Georgia said...

Becky, so glad your Dad is doing well and that you have some quiet, relaxed time for yourself.
I am amazed at the grace you maintain while on your roller coaster life. You are an amazing woman!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Becky. I just read your posts from the last few days. Sorry you had such a tension filled day with the registeration at the hospital, sometimes I think that part and the paperwork is harder and more stressful than the actual procedure you're going in for! But, I'm glad to hear that your dad's procedure went well. Sorry to hear that you're going to cancel the trip to Savannah, but at least there's some great places more local that you can still retreat to. Hope you have a fun and relaxing trip! You sooo need one right now! -T

Anonymous said...

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